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Started with Normandy park police trading gunshots with a man who took off and made his way to a fast food restaurant near one fifty eight and First Avenue south he'd risk Sean was on his break outside a nearby store when he says he heard gunshots and then says he saw a man carjacker couple in the drive thru line he was I don't know if you maybe twenties thirties he had a mink coat on like a fur coat the land Sean says the men then took off in the couple's car but didn't get far because he says Derian police caught right up to him and apparently forced the car into a planter island he had a minor gunshot wound king county sheriff's investigators couldn't say if this was related to the death of a three year old boy Saturday in Normandy park Brian Harris como news these so called botox banded went before a judge in king county court today Lauren Klavan owes accused of going to at least three medical spas on the side racking up thousands of spa services and then bolting Kavana faces second degree theft among other charges today the judge set her bail at twenty thousand dollars ordered her to not go near skin care businesses the report says the Federal Aviation Administration gave Boeing almost complete control over certifying the seven thirty seven MAX then realize the agency had been kept in the dark about a system implicated in two deadly crashes colors Corwin ache reports it's the latest evidence of regulatory lapses leading up to those crashes more than a dozen current and former Boeing and FAA employees who spoke with The New York Times say the FAA granted Boeing almost complete responsibility for certifying the Max a departure from previous more limited delegation after the lion air disaster last fall the report says FAA engineers came to the troubling realization they didn't fully understand the automated system that helped send the plane into a fatal nose dive the report says the FAA scoured its files for information about the M. caste system and didn't find much a statement from Boeing to business insider today says that the FAA concluded the M. caste system quote met all certification and regulatory requirements Corwin hate komo news continue grounding of the seven thirty seven Max's causing frustration with airline executives to a conference call investors Ryanair CEO Michael o'leary said the company had expected receive fifty eight of the planes by the end of next year would move to hand and could well move to zero well we don't get there together CNBC analyst Phil lebeau says it will be important for Boeing to have the software update ready to go in the next several weeks it's clear that they're not gonna be able to submit this in time for it to return to service by the end of the year there's a strong chance that they may have to suspend production Boeing has repeatedly said safety as its top priority small child ever it suffers critical injuries after falling from a window this morning colors Kelly Bleier report the every fire department got the call just after ten this morning a small child believed to be around five fell twenty five feet out of the window to concrete below Steve go forth his efforts assistant fire chief now we're talking with the Americans are obviously distraught and I believe everyone is on the move to the province of British child a language Beria prevented the fire department from getting more information the child was taken to Providence hospital in Everett and remains in critical condition Kelly blir komo news by burning on the can I can win at she National Forest is scorched about twenty five hundred acres and has several homes under evacuation notices the left hand fires burning your kid a test of the Rock Creek drainage area started nearly a week ago with a lightning strike blew up Saturday in gusty winds motherhood events culminate this week with C. fair weekend the home stretch includes fleet week which the commander of navy region northwest rear admiral Scott grace as is a nice homecoming for sailors a face the world's challenges twenty four hours a day offending our country around the world on every ocean to protect our way of life and to protect the American people and protect the prosperity that we've enjoyed for many decades CC fear weekend events on Lake Washington included show from the navy's blue angels in their bowling F. A. eighteen Hornets and going nearly as fast the raising of hydroplanes kicking a rooster tails as they move at nearly two hundred miles an hour comedies time is eight ten and from Harley exterior sports desk at night off the streaking for the streaking Seattle Mariners this call was bills warts freedoms are savoring an outstanding seven.

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