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You may not have used dreamer goal but your aspiration is to direct your own feature film. Would that be accurate to an extent. And i do it here and there little bits like i'm producing a video game right now. That's the length of two feature films But still not you know. It's not that shooting. You know it's not. It's not what i wanna do. Which is you know like the classic american film. I wanna make you wanna make the next not even like not even like citizen kane. Like i'm not really into that stuff. Like i'm into like josie and the pussycats account two thousand and one. I love that movie. You know i. I like not another teen movie like i like. I like all the stuff that was on comedy. Central that everyone said. Oh yeah it sucks but me and my friends. We watch and we're like do this. Great you know blake and you know like you know. Kevin smith movies and spike lee movies. You know stuff like that stuff into so. What does this look like you. What does this look like for you to be where you are now and to be young too. You know you're exercising. You're working out on the side. You're doing all that you need to do to gain that experience to gain the knowledge you say. You're not an expert but you're driving to be. What does that process. Look like for you to get to the opportunity to direct your own feature film in. What are you doing to attain that Talking with an investor in singapore. Right now i might get some good money to do an animated pilot Doing animations okay. Because i sure as hell there's no way we can get the money together to live action pilot because god is too much money and too much organizing and hotels and all that but you know through doing that work it you know it gone my talents out there and so you would meet people who meet through the youtube one time. I didn't animated pilot for someone that paid. You know a couple of thousand dollars. They put it up Wherever they were trying to shop at the net flicks you know But the reality is that everybody needs a big break. Everybody needs a lucky break. You know that that's just of how it goes and you're waiting for that one connection the you know you have a network of people if one of them gets a tv deal. I know that they're gonna call me to do audio. I know that they're going to to write jokes. They might call me to act you know. and so. that's a big thing like creating this this tightly woven web of people you see okay if one of us take off raw gonna take off and Need out it's sort of..

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