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The nickel package in the tuesday edition on david jacoby joining me it's my friend million miles away qian fi team hillary inc the very first podcast dui did leak complained about the enjoy and we literally just got to the halfway point in the season at halftime of the cowboys falcons game was literally the halfway mark of the season and we finally got a new entral we did i think it i can't complain about this one a kind of big you'll find a way i'll find a way of course many football thamnoon's back he's dancing he smiling everything's okay with the panthers they're gonna win the super bowl right probably even though they might with a six best team in the nfc dmc is just so stacked right now that that was am i think i was a game the packers really needed because whether if one games and they've played well in there the at times if it well cam hasn't looked to that good all year and you've kind of it that's kind of been the thing holding you back but trading kevin benjamin a week or whatever it was now that was a really big deal for them because it it opened up that offense i mean all kartasamita's probably gone for the year no because he hurt his ankle last night and then it was looked like a pretty pretty nasty wanna play reaction dropped the touch dome which is when it comes best rolls of the day but just getting benjamin already offense and russia set russell shepard had a couple of drops weld well so i didn't exactly health but just getting mod althans as we opened up its added more speed in the field it's created more space for mccaffrey far samuel far newton it means less predictable interplay calling and it just it held up part of that knows also they played the dolphins in south and probably the slowest group of linebackers in in the nfl which it which would make anyone look good.

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