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Throughout the nineties and the two thousands, the world new Alexander McQueen as the hooligan of English fashion he even earned the nickname law voluntary, blah a French expression for an unorthodox successful rookie, and that was the essence of the Scottish fashion icon. McQueen was a highly skilled avant garde designer who relished in breaking all the rules he thought of his clothing art and he let his pieces uis drama on the runway but while his artistry was publicly on display, McQueen quietly struggled with mental illness which affected him and his family early on. Born Lee Alexander McQueen on March Seventeenth Nineteen, sixty nine. He was the youngest of six children as his mother Joyce gave birth his father Ronald had a breakdown. He was checked into a mental hospital in East London. The event had to pervasive effects on McQueen. He developed a strong bond with his mother and he became fascinated with mental asylums. That interest later inspired some of his designs. His father recovered two years later and taught his six. To work hard he expected them to take on steady jobs even as teenagers and despite the emphasis on practical work McQueen kept an active imagination. He expressed himself through clothes early on in Nineteen seventy-two when he was three years old McQueen drew a familiar Disney image on his sister's bedroom wall Cinderella but with a huge and belched gown as McQueen grew older, his interest in fashion only increased he put together his older sisters outfits for them and grew critical of the clothes his mother Joyce bought for him. Instead of being hurt though Joyce encouraged McQueen's interest in fashion. The McQueen family went as far as entering him into a boys beauty pageant at six years old one which he handily won. And while McQueen was crowned the Prince of Pontins, he also nursed a crush on the second place finisher. It was the moment McQueen realized he was gay he kept it a secret from his family at first because his father was homophobic. McQueen once famously said I went straight from my mother's womb onto the gay parade..

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