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Komo's Tammy matassa has more late nordstroms, passion, and deep dedication resonated all over the city he loved whether it was about downtown or homelessness or countless other issues. He cared about this place. He cared about Seattle. Fifty eight-year-old co president of his family's retail company served on the downtown Seattle association's board for more than two decades. He never did anything halfway the president says nordstroms impact on downtown has been tremendous ever since the nineteen nineties when the. Company stepped up and invested in downtown after Frederick and Nelson closed and another department store left town. And that's komo's Tammy matassa reporting a woman who nearly drowned her car as it sank in muddy water got to meet the nine one one dispatcher who talked her through her ordeal. I know I'm here with you. Okay. A New Year's day. Amanda Antonio was driving eastbound on Florida's interstate four when another vehicle cutter off forcing her off the road, leaving her SUV submerged trapped in a deep water-filled ditch. Slipped water as the car filled with water nine one one operator. Cheyenne Allen helped keep Amanda calm until rescuers were able to arrive sound like they're getting closer. Officers walked hand in hand with Amanda as they helped her out of that ditch nice to meet you and overnight and emotional meeting as Amanda came face to face with the woman, she says saved her life. Thank you saw. So you can feel the joy and gratitude between both families as the to meet for the first time I met that night, really. Thank you. Amanda says there's no doubt that Cheyenne. And the officers who arrived are the reason she made it out alive. ABC's Adrian bankers. A decorated navy seal will be arraigned in San Diego for charges including premeditated murder defense. Attorney Phillip Stackhouse says he has the evidence to get his client off those things include significant conflict in the statements that have been provided by witnesses in the case. There were eye. Witnesses surrounding chief Gallagher during the time the allegations were made special operations chief Edward, Ed. Edward Gallagher is court martial trial was greenlighted after an article thirty two hearing in November at naval base, San Diego Gallagher accused of premeditated murder for the stabbing death of a teenage ISIS fighter and aggravated assault for gunning down Iraqi civilians. He's denied the charges Gallagher will be arraigned at naval base, San Diego. Tomorrow companies time nine forty four traffic.

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