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And you mentioned our Wilson going down that was a huge blow. Sonoma guy like devante Parker to go out there, and you know, fill that role. But it seems like you said he may be traded. It was nice to Kane, Drake. It back in every even he had a few mistakes. So the offense they went out there and played. Well, Brock Osweiler played. Well, but the defense just went out there and just could not stop the run game. They sold out like you said to stop the passing game golden Tate really didn't do much yet. One big gain Kenny golladay, he he's a monster. I mean, he's one of those most underrated. You know, second year wide receivers Neta fell right now and more of Jones see was pretty much nonexistent. So you'd like to see what the dolphins offense did on the same side. The dolphins defense just went out there and they also scam so ma- perk. Look yourself in the marine to get those guys playing because they're went up against a very good Houston. Offense Brock osweiler's having that what we might call revenge game. But if he plays way did today on Thursday, the dolphins should have no reason not to win that game is gonna come back down to the defense. And the defense definitely to step up. If they wanna have shot the playoffs, come January. The Texans are very hot team. And as you mentioned the dolphins have a lot of work to do before. This Thursday Texans are for no in the last four games in one against the Jacksonville Jaguars today. They are dealing with some injuries. But not as much as Miami is Albert Wilson may be significant leg injury that he suffered today in the first half. He may be a month or more. Now, if that is the case that could open the door for to bhante park at a comeback into this team. And not be traded. It would be one heck of a story of if that is the case and he plays as early as Thursday, and he just balls out and becomes the player that everyone thought he was going to be. We'll obviously see how that plays out. But I am not optimistic at this point of Albert Wilson playing on Thursday night, which leads us to our decimated receiver core. Dolphins addressed four receivers in today's game Wilson, stills amendola and grants. Once Wilson went down there were three then stills got hurt at the end down to to the Kenyan Drake playing on the slot ezekie out in the slot and out wide. It was just a bad situation. All around the when you look up and down the roster. They don't have anything else. I mean, they have. Devante Parker who's up up. Down. You have Isaiah Ford on the practice squad..

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