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Most tables that i play in six hundred dollars tournaments. Usually it's not profitable to open with a hand that bad under the gun so he doesn't care about position he doesn't care about things like that so our read was correct. And so that means that three betting would either have resulted in taking the down pre flop or possibly getting into a coin flip versus king. Jack which is why. I said if i three bet i'm not looking to throw my hand away. Not when this guy only has thirty three blinds to begin with so thank you back nova for posting to the tournament poker edge forums and again you guys should be joining t. p. e. so that you can participate in these kinds of conversations. There are lots of hands and lots of other topics like sweat threads and all kinds of fun stuff in the forums on tournament poker edge dot com all right real quickly. Let's do another hand. I grabbed from those forums. This kind of fun It's from bounty event but not a big one of five dollars and twenty five cent bounty event on g g poker so. I'm assuming that this is going to be like a four dollar plus one dollar bounty. But i'm not really sure in our correspondent whose name is reliable. Jake i love that name Reliable jake doesn't tell us but the blinds are two hundred and four hundred with a sixty anti per player and we're about halfway through the tournament just moved to a new table no reads on our opponents now. I am shocked guys. And how often you all seem to post hands on the forums or send me hands on twitter at clayton comic where you have no reads on your opponents because you just got moved this table i think some of you out. There are fibbing about how long you been at your table. But the fact is you're not really paying that much attention to your table and you don't want to admit that to me. The reason could be that you're playing poker while doing something else or probably you're playing poker while playing poker on eight ten twelve other tables and that's fine. All of us do that online. Okay i get it. You don't have reads because you're not really paying attention. You're doing your autopilot. Gto bought just trying to treat everybody as equals Thing and that is fine for online poker. You know that when you do that you're sacrificing a certain amount of expected value. That could be gained by paying more attention to your table. But in your opinion play more tables with a slightly lower expected value per table is still more profitable than just playing one or two tables and concentrating. Like crazy on them now. I can't tell you whether or not you're right about that. But i know that's why you do it and i'm okay with that. I actually do that sometimes myself. So stop telling me you just got moved to a new table. And that's why you don't have any reads. We all know the truth all right so anyway. We're at this brand new table quotation marks with no reads. It's an eight handed table. One of the players at our table has eleven big blinds and everybody else has at least thirty. Big blinds One full hero in second position or as you may call it under the gun plus one and he is holding the ace of spades six of diamonds and he's got about seventeen thousand in ships so his 'em about sixteen. He's got about forty two big blinds. He's in second position with ace. Six off suit okay. this is a fold like we don't want to be playing this hand. Maybe if you're sure you're at a table of absolute guppies and you're not worried about anybody three batting you. And you're not worried about getting out played or flopping a pair of aces and being out of position against a caller or two but we already said we have no reads. So when i have no reads or unless i have a really strong read that i am by far the best player my table. There's no way you're going to catch me in second position within a six off suit. So this is a very clear pre flop fold and i would recommend reliable. Jake that you click around a little bit on the tournament poker edge site and check out some of our pre flop hand charts and maybe watch some videos about pre flop strategies that will explain to you in more detail about why it's such a mistake to have a such a wide opening range from early position anyway This is what happens. He men raises so he makes it eight hundred. And the hijack calls with forty six thousand behind and everybody else folds so. It's actually a pretty decent result considering how we stepped out onto that tight rope with the a six off so we're going to be out of position with a six verses one late position caller. That's it about twenty seven hundred in the pot. And the flop comes king of spades queen of spades tray of clubs so king queen tray with two spades hero with the ace of spades and six of diamonds Do we want to see that here or not. Yeah like i don't like having this hand but we already talked about that since we do have. This hand is actually a pretty decent flop. Considering we did not make a pair we have back door. Not flush draw and nut straight draw potential so it feels like that. We should be see betting now again. We have no reason our opponent. I have no idea how this guy plays. And what's likely to happen and an auto position guessing but there are a lot of good turn cards far range and so let's put in a little bit. I would bet something like one k. You don't need over bet here. If the guy doesn't have a queen or king he's not gonna be able to call any bet really so let's see how hero played it okay. He puts in eleven twenty and villain calls. I'm okay with that sizing and just hoping that we can keep improving our hands so that we can help. Hopefully run this bluff all the way to the end so Now there's about forty nine hundred in the pot and the turn is the tray of spades so our board is now king queen trae tray with a two spades so the paired board is kind of a mixed result. Actually because it's harder for us to convince our opponent that anything has changed when the bottom card pairs on the turn unless we can actually convince him that we have the flush and we know he does not have the nut flush because we have the ace of spades our hand but he called on the flop was something and it's very likely to be a king or queen so i think this is a mixed blessing if you will as happy as i am to have picked up the nut flush draw. I'm also that disappointed that it is with a car that paired the board. So would i bet again. I don't know it's probably half the time you do have to time. You don't i guess i probably wouldn't i mean Having gotten called on the flop it's not like he under bet the flop to where the guy could call with any two cards You really are up against a king or queen so much of the time when that eleven twenty gets called on the flop and so for that reason. I think it's hard to get a bluff through here on the turn. Maybe if you have a specific read about your opponent like this guy he likes to call the flop and see what happens on. Turn some players do call quite a bit on the flop like just to see if they have a floating opportunity or something like that so if we had any type of read on this opponent i might be more inclined to bet. But i'm ready to shut this one down. Despite having picked up the not flush draw. So let's see what hero does Yeah he's keeping it going guys he puts in thirty one twenty into the forty nine hundred pot and then villain calls again now. We've left ourselves with. Approximately a pod is bet left. Yeah there's about eleven k in the middle and hero has about that much behind so come on spayed. I guess The river comes the deuce of clubs. So and yeah. Our correspondent writes that. This is the bricky est break of all time. I could not agree more. Nobody ever wants to see the clubs but there it is and so should we shove basically like our options are check. Give up or shove and try to see this thing through. I mean there are a lot of good reasons why we should give up. Like i wanted to go up on the turn. Just because in a five dollar tournament with bounties i generally don't like to try to bluff people that i'm pretty sure have pretty strong pairs in their hands And yeah just you know the way. This board has shaken out. It's like if we bat again. We're absolutely representing that. Flush and flushes are pretty hard to come by so we might just want to give up on this one. I mean yeah. I like i like the The aggressiveness if we do shove here. I mean the. There's a good argument to be made for why you should do that. I mean number one. We have like pretty close to the bottom of our range of me. I don't know how often we're gonna have worse than as high With this pot size a heads up against this opponent so that is certainly a case for Shelving and and hoping that he can't find a the call also of course having the blocker to the not flush and knowing that our opponent does not have the nut flashing if he does have the not flashy probably doesn't have a flush at all because he called from the hijack pre flop and there. Aren't that many hands. That don't have either. The ace of spades that king of spades or the queen of spades in them. That should be making that call in the first place. So i get it. If you do shove here. I get it. But on balance. I think that the strategy for winning a five dollar bounty event on gee-gee poker is not to triple-barrel bluff people. That definitely have at least one pair a huge amount of the time. Yes so one thing. I forgot to mention. I hope this doesn't change anybody's take on the hand but villain has covered by about three to one and chips so he's got a lot more chips than we do so he's not worried about losing his bounty to us. In fact we have to worry about losing hours to him if we go all in and he calls We are definitely losing the tournament and our bounty as well. So i mean some people go too far with this. I don't think you should change every single thing about your tournament game just because you're in a straight ahead bounty tournament but i do think that when decisions are close. You might wanna lean towards not bluffing. Just because especially players with a lot of chips can afford to look you up and they are incentivized to do so by whatever portion of your buying is in the bounty prize pool now. Obviously that effect is greatly magnified when we're in a pk. Oh but even in a standard bounty tournament it is a consideration on the less so hero shelves and gets looked up by king jack off suit and so this is how reliable jake busted out of that particular five dollar and twenty five cent bounty event on g g poker He made a note that the villain did have the jack of spades so perhaps that may have made it a little bit easier for him to call on every street just you know having his own sort of back door flush draw remember the king and queen of spades. Were both out there. So this was in effect. The second nut flush draw so it would have been great to you. Know hit a spade on the river. Because it's very likely could have gotten the full double because this guy was not going anywhere with the jackass spades. One card in a deck can beat him and we have it but as it turns out the deuce of clubs never helped anybody on the river and ended up being the downfall of reliable. Jake let me know your thoughts on this hand as well as the one from mac. Novas six hundred dollars. Venetian don't wanna make a point of sharing more hands from the dtp forums Going forward just because. I think it's a great place to talk strategy with players at various levels but with everyone having the right attitude of not trying to make you feel stupid or that your questions are dumb or that your new or whatever else you might encounter on other websites. The forums on t. p. e. r. one of my favorite sections of our website. Because everyone there is so supportive and understanding that. We're just not all at the same place at the same time in our poker development so let me know what you guys think. You can tweet me at clayton comic. Let me know what you think about these hands whether you trust my analysis whether you see things another way definitely want to thank our brand new sponsor liquid.

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