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Paralyzed restless leg syndrome, and this may go on multiple night and only a few enough to actually disrupt you enough to wake up what most people have convinced themselves because all these talk, and they say, well, I guess bathroom. That's why I had to wait times at night. Well, you can go during the day. Why would you have to go five times during the night? Okay. All right. And let's shift gears and talk about from we go to sleep to skin any any research on skin diseases things like psoriasis dermatitis ex. Acne things like that that are affecting our skin. Here's what I think. I think that I found this with people from allergies in basically autoimmune diseases innocent. And they found was the people that had optimal levels of vitamin d their immune system was much much more balanced importantly because some eighty percent ultra because you're stepping pursuant. I'm thinking that yoga commercials, but Gilbert commercials, but around seventy percent your immune system, your alimentary right in there. Appreciating that that's another hot topic or more in controls helps your immune system? Well, that's kind of bacteria fungi viruses, broken determines sprints Tony production. Which is the chemical. It makes you happy. Okay. So it's not only probiotics that control, the gut microbiome or biota the vitamin d also that has an effect on that. Absolutely. And if you don't have enough, you're black instruments systems out of whack you end up with autoimmune diseases you end up with allergies. I mean, I saw patient after patient that had COPD or allergies it much much better because the vitamin d you know, boosted and balanced there. I think a lot of this my opinion is that people get a lot of these not because of an over tip immune system and underactive one because they don't have enough vitamin d three interesting. Wow. And then. Also regarding supplemental vitamin d we should mention just thought.

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