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Don't forget we will be here tomorrow. Yes on new year's day a little bit earlier than usual we'll be here. Twelve o'clock twelve to three and We hope you'll join us. We'll take live looking at some of the ball games and have a number of analysts standing by go to both the cfp sites. And as i mentioned we'll take your phone calls. Graham calls right now and shannon is first up from georgia. Hello shannon lessening. Call how you doing. Hey there i want to start out by wishing you and your staff and your family gets happy. You're prosperous and healthy new year. Thank you so much. Thank you guys for everything. i'll do. Twenty twenty tough but the finebaum show. It's something we all enjoy and you guys have kept it going. We appreciate that. Thank you You know as you know. I haven't miss words about my feelings on mullen and in that staff at florida You know last night's loft pushed into thirteen and thirty eight against ranked opponents and one in three this season. And what really made the the whole thing. Worse is is his players quit and when he pulled. Trask effectively did the same thing. It just seemed like they gave up the fi. And i don't care how many people opt out or how. Many people on a book of kobe. Or what have you a thousand and one excuses but you've gotta fight the good fight you've got to compete and i just like watching the game and i watched the entirety and tell me if i'm wrong. There seemed to be a lethargic apathetic feeling and attitude displayed by the players at florida. I mean they were just in time for the defense so they quit. Yeah nobody nobody. Objective could argue that shannon and listen. If you don't have the players don't play nobody nobody. Nobody is going to make you play. This game was bum phillips. Don shoe or bad or talking about but he said he could take his and beat your and then take your and be here. Yeah bum phillips you know i mean you gotta you gotta play. Who who shows up you gotta dance with brought to you know and and those players that he referred to as scout team players if i was a parent or if i was a little slayers i would be so offended by that terminology. You're telling me that i'm not. I'm not really a quality player. I'm just a scout team player down here. I think shannon who a game like that can can do a lot of damage. Pat dooley may have bought some of what the coach mullen was selling. But i don't think too many other people will and know that's the final that you're you're not. You're not playing in the Some bowl game in the middle of nowhere you're pointing in the cotton bowl in prime time and you either you either compete or i mean. The oddsmakers only had the light. At at a touchdown it wasn't like Vegas said this is a forty point game. So i mean i think dan mullen is really losing more with his mouth. Any is with his coaching. Well i you can't convince me that he wasn't. He was convinced he could compete. Yeah sure wanna start tile. Trask course called cal. Trask and sat his heisman finalists. Midway through the first quarter and and sporadic a little bit and he gave up he absolutely gave up and then he tries to spin it as those were scout team players in the last game of twenty twenty team was eleven days ago. What have you listen. it's always an excuse. It's just a matter of time. As i said a couple of weeks ago chickens come home to roost and and those folks in florida that would support that kind of stuff. Getting exactly what they deserve. Appreciate the call. Drew is up next in georgia. Hey drew thanks and welcome to the program. Hey hey call his troop george. I just wanna thing. Thanks for taking my call long time listener. But i wanted to. You know vote all fan but also wanted to say something about florida and you can always a couple couple of things calling touch base on this that you know. I'll go and go back to the florida game Florida lsu you got three and five lsu team playing at florida in back in the old days. I say all day seventies eighties h call if you're ranked team for was seventh or they had 'em at six or seven and you to three and five team at home. You talk kim spots. Well they move them. So i said okay. You didn't move. And then they go play. alabama they lose to alabama. They didn't move him and all know. I just don't understand where we're at now and they say in the in the rain and the committee and i think the committees can grow at this point. I say you know. What do they do. And i mean a team. That's you know. I think you're absolutely right about his mom hanging in which by the ip. I thought florida really fought hard and alabama game. But at one time they were way down they came back they hung in there. They're really good team. And that's disappointing. Part if you're a gator fan that you just absolutely threw away the osu game this game is an absolutely tobacco and it's hard to put that back in the bottle. That's that's the. That's the painful part in. All dan mullen has to do is go in there and say we listen. I'm not making excuses. We we made the decision to play the game. We fought hard and we lost. Do own rent.

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