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He's so he's so the kind of guy who could like spoil the pimlott hype train. It's eh but at the same time any would be favored and also a win. Would move him up the rankings. Pretty quickly but that puts him in like the top thirty. If he beats jim miller. I think i would go. I wouldn't go any higher than that. Okay yeah i. I don't love it just because the big gap and series but but i i get it to the matchmakers. That doesn't matter as much really more. They compare overall record. So it's fine but even then and then again who has record like jamila we're gonna we're going to play cards so yeah not my favorite Kyle smith talked about the oblique kick How long are they going to be. Allowed probably forever. He likes roundtree versus kennedy tchoukou or maybe another one. Trillion padded batty throw joe celeski. Don't like that one that's dangerous fight. jamie monarchies fighting devante smith but he also said he wouldn't be mad to see patty pinball versus jeremy stevens. Jeremy steven wet love that he was. He was treated like mcgregor proxy and by the way people mcgregor timbaland almost like nothing in common other than they're both from the uk and northern oak. I'm gonna. I'm gonna screw with other than they're both from europe and they're both cocky guys. They're fighting. I saw someone like go like. Oh well i guess we're not gonna wanna walk match up with the grappler onto. He's a grappler people don't know he's a grappler. The standup is actually his weakness. He likes to throw like he's clearly power but like he's not a striker by any means so i found that funny that i think he's getting this kind of a level hypes that people assume he's like another mcgregor. He's a very very different fighter. Yes keen elliott likes aspinall versus the winner of shamila versus dacas. he suggested patty panel versus ofman. Zitar sure yeah. I don't know it's still too soon for that Drew hilty first-time submitter. Thank you very much welcomed drew. He likes the brunson versus cost of vittori winner. That's a new one. I didn't see that one. yeah. I'm okay with that. I think i saw that actually was i saw at least a couple of people recommend that astronauts kind of it's kind of hard to book he suggested sky pinball versus chris gritzmaker who might have a fight. But i'm not really sure couldn't find it anywhere Jack short versus highly barcellos from our friend drew right. we head to italy. Our guy francesco by the way people technology to bear the most. they're the best database for having fights. That are reported official rumored. I don't want any excuses. But i couldn't find out if a fighter is booked all right that's i don't wanna hear it. We go to technology if they don't have it. Then it's either not a substantial rumor or or the fighter isn't booked. Francesco said brunson should wait adverse derek. Lewis i i saw i recommend i thought at least two people recommend that i'm i'm very much against it if it happened. I think it'd be cool adds to obviously i'd i'd i'd i'd find a way to rationalize it. It's not what i would look. I wouldn't either morona versus miguel biza Pinball versus austin hubbard. That's kind of like the range like to see like that. I like that Mccain versus tracy cortez in jack shore versus song dong. I wouldn't mind that fight either. Oh right quartet you. I almost take back. That's why why wouldn't have been the alderson. Because i think just like to see them. Re book aldrich and cortes dollars. Replace cortes no just were supposed to play..

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