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Seven seven zero C D A L. I get to follow us on Twitter Facebook that up to show a lot of football fans out there. I am especially I the congrats to the Cowboys two weeks and row wherever good do. Not want to jinx it very nice, but politics, and the NFL mixed again, one is I guess there's this boycott her people are petitioning for music artists to not perform at the Super Bowl. In hopes of supporting Colin Kaepernick. I don't understand why this keeps coming back. But it does. I guess rumor has. Turn down performance at the Super Bowl. So maroon five has been rumored to. You know, you get to perform at a Super Bowl that is huge for your career. And this is kind of putting Hollywood and and the music industry, and you know, celebrities to the test do they want to further their career. Or do they want to stand up for somebody who field, that's you know, during the national anthem? So I find that interesting, but not as seen as Condoleeza Rice. Former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice Condoleeza Rice in the running for a head coach position for the Cleveland Browns since you guys hear about this Brown's managing records ESPN John Dorsey said last week that he was open to hiring a woman as Cleveland's next head coach. The Browns follow through on it. Condoleeza Rice will become the first woman to interview for the NFL head coaching job after where the Browns possible interest. In rice got back to the team Dorsey issued a statement our coaching search will be thorough and deliberate. But we are still in the process of composing, the list of candidates and secretary rice has not been discussed rice also posted on Sunday. The while she's not ready to coach she would like to call a player to next season. If the Browns need ideas, I have no idea, I could be a coach I thought you had to have played football. I played football as a girl. But I thought you had to have some experience and some, you know, coaching experience. I mean, I've raised two boys. I've taught students of all ages. Maybe I I mean, I didn't even realize that that could. Possibly, you know without a dream job for me. Coach NFL football. I mean, I watch a lot of understand routes understand. I'm still a little confused with you know, Cornerbacks and safety certain roles, and you know, when people kinda you know, shifts the roles depending on what I do get a little kind of messed up with that. But I see plays. And I like, okay. Well that player that player leans to his lab that player camp pivot. So go straight. I'm kinda good that all my guys. All my gosh. So, wow, I want to see if I could do that. She's sixty four years old. Apparently, she's a lifelong Browns fan. And. She attends louder games. And I guess Cleveland's interesting interview rice comes at a time when women recently have moved into decision making roles invents professional sports, the San Antonio Spurs higher Peggy heaven as assistant coach Buffalo Bills higher, Catherine Smith. Oakland Raiders higher. Kelsey martinez. Does their strength staff. The forty Niners Cates. Sewers as an offensive assistant. Now that doesn't necessarily mean she's going to become head coach. But boy did that make some news fairly. She has been more involved in sports. She was the inaugural members of the college football playoff selection committee. Also, recently chaired a commission on college basketball. See here's my problem. I get really attached to people I teach or coach. And so I'd be like, oh, my baby..

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