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Strikes continue between Israel and the Palestinians, with no sign of a truce and sight. You're listening to ABC news Daily News. Radio Times. 11 02 Denver Police have shot and killed a man this afternoon after a pursuit through southwest Denver that ended the Barnum neighborhood. After receiving a report of shots fired near a playground there. Morrison Road in West Ohio Avenue police initiated contact with the suspect in a chase ensued through Denver, Lakewood, then back into Denver. We believe that along the pursuit that he fired rounds out the officers along the radical pursuit s o very dangerous situation. Division chief Ron Thomas said. The suspect lost control of the vehicle and crashed is the pursuit approached Perry Street. He said The suspect refused to surrender, pulled a handgun and fired several more rounds at police officers returned fire and the suspect died at the hospital. Multiple state agencies were investigating and no other injuries have been reported. Computer security issues that South did Rick Cardiology Associates resulted in 380 canceled appointments today since you're a health says that South Denver cardiology associates experienced an I T network issue. And it took its system offline requiring the office closure. Mitch Tannin bomb is a cybersecurity expert and talked with Fox 31. Nobody goes off and shuts down their entire network because they had a hit on the firewall. Patients who arrived for appointments were told they could not be seen because the facility could not access their own patient records a little disappointing. I mean, we live far we live in Conifer, so it's like, you know, two hours to get down here and back. Cameron Cook said the office couldn't look up her phone number to call her about the closure. No word if normal operations will resume on Monday, and the 96 win for the Rockies against the Reds tonight there to know in the Syriza Game three Tomorrow night Rockies All access starts at five. First pitch at 16 in our next news update. 11 30. I'm Jodi Jordan. I'm Kaylee in his radio, a 50 A M and 94 1 FM. From the Bedford Sports Traffic Center. It is a delightful looking at Dr Tonight I'm 25 is checking clear from Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. With about 30 minutes from Centennial to Thornton. Here in the Metro area, I seventies, clean and green from the mountains to the Plains. With about 30 minutes. From Aurora to Arvada, 2 to 5. No major issues from the tech Center to Aurora and off highway Federal, Wadsworth Sheridan, sixth and Colfax Ed posted speeds right now. Box 31 pinpoint whether partly cloudy right now overnight, low off 46 tomorrow isolated thunderstorms with a high of 69 overnight low 46 currently 61 degrees. I'm Victor Nature on K Away news Radio live everywhere on the I heart radio app. Win $1000 with money on the hour. My goodness up to.

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