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The idea of Zeitz of this higher level cloud provider. This is something that was I pursued by Hiroko and her Oku has done a great job at it. Although you have just articulated a solution to one of the one of my biggest beefs with horr- Oku, which is that every month. I get a Bill for a bunch of her Oku projects that I keep running because I I like my tinkering and my projects that nobody uses because somebody someday like I'll make them useful. Right. I'll make them popular and whatnot. But until then I pay whatever twenty bucks a month for node or something because it's not quote, unquote, server less one of the features of server 'less is that it spins down when you're not using it, and you get to just pay for what you actually use. Tell me more about how you accomplish that. That's great insight to Roku. Indeed did a great job for what today we could. Call server full, I suppose, which is would you deploy to Geraldo is a server in our face is not even just managing the servers as machines, but the interface that you give them in. They give you sort of. I'm gonna run a process, and I'm going to put a server inside in that server can accumulate towering complexity light, it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. So would that hurts you over the long term with disabled of spinning down spinning back up really quickly. Which is what you just mentioned the best feature server LA's, in my opinion is twofold, one is that scale zero in scale to Infinity aspect, right? So if your projects not being accessed it just at zero copies of it. And then for every request that happens concurrently. More copies of it are issued. So if you have a traffic spy, or, you know, your website becomes very popular that's handled very sort of by design one of the things that enables this is that when you go from zero to one has to be very very fast, and that's worthy now platform guide. Seal a lot by Michigan. His view of the builders say, hey, when it us, no jaaz. We do a lot of work under the hood to make sure that when you're spinning up it's instant. So the end user once again, we're always thinking about this end user doesn't have to wait around for -application in the beauty of it is that you end up paying only for those hundred millisecond intervals of compute that are actually being utilized in thing about this from the development, process perspective, right? When developers are testing and building in branching off in collaborating. On software. They're costly gonna be making deployments as said we make one for every push. So of all of those we allow you go back in time in click on any of those links and see what her application was like before we allow you to do real time reviews, but then over time, although supplies just wind down and on cost you anything. So I think that's one of the most remarkable features. Because server LA's is also helping not just, you know, lower your out spans, not just make you more productive. But it's enabling entire categories of collaboration opportunities that really were awesome before I think the objection before would have been oh my God. I have so many versions of my application running that I can literally not even imagine the sparkle. So that's kind of the most exciting thing about Silverlake semaine. In addition to that. I think there's this idea that you've probably have heard of the functions as opposed to. Servers and you've brought her to function service in in salon. The interesting thing about service until now came along was he I don't really think everything about how you wrote applications. So before you were saying, oh, I'm going to spin up a node server, and then you had to go in late create learn about this land that API for example, and those two things really really different. It's almost like he had relate rethink everything that you knew about software engineering at some point, however would realize enumeration does the high level cloud is that we could compile down to this function primitives..

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