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I've returned. Uh huh. And quickly and healthy and strong, Although I must say it was it was about Quick one, but a tough one with With CCP virus. The one given to us by China. I feel like Douglas MacArthur. I have returned. The field of battle. And it is this field of battle because it's steak is our freedoms are freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Free and fair elections. All right, so That's Rudy Giuliani, and he's talking about freedom of speech and free and fair elections, and that's what matters. That's what we've I think it's what we're fighting for. I think it's what we are. All in this game for is the America that we want to live in the America that we were used to living in the America that we've always known. I mean, call me crazy. I don't know. I want to get into a little bit about what he's talking about about free speech and about the media. But I want to get to your thoughts and some of your calls before we get to that. So let's go toe Terry in Pleasant Valley, New York, Terry you're on with Rich Valdes on the Rudy Giuliani show. Wanted to say You guys got such great speakers on and I'm glad when I listened to the show is like man. Oh, man was thank God you guys were there and it's like It's not that they speak so great, but their ideas are there. The women and the men both and my point is, it's like let's get rid of the Washington politicians altogether. Let's go down there and get rid of him. I don't see a problem with that, Do you? Yeah. Well, thank you. I appreciate your call Terry and appreciate your thoughts. I think what You know what? You're talking about His drinking the swamp, Right? This is what President Trump went to Washington to do to drain the swamp, and the only way he was able to do it, I think was by telling the media Nope. You're wrong your fake news and calling them out every step of the way, And I think that's why he's been successful. He's been able to get the message out. I did interview a couple of months ago actually was a year ago was right before Election Day, 2019. Somebody asked me. Why is it? You know you're a Latino rich, you know, And I said, Yeah. My parents were born in Puerto Rico, where Americans, of course, but Puerto Rican born on the island of Puerto Rico, I'm born in Brooklyn. And they were like, Why is it that so many Latinos lean to the left, and, you know, in and of itself. I think questions like that are interesting. I could pose the same question and say, Hey, you're white, right? Why is it that so many white people get involved in Antifa Right now? I could make that argument but because I don't think it's a racial thing. It's really an ideological thing. But anyway, I went with it. And I explained to them. I think that people have bought into a big lie and whether it's when you're a younger person and guys like Chuck Schumer, who was you know our Our government person. I remember seeing him a lot growing up in not a lot, but you know, more than once he'd walk up and down Ocean Avenue night, see him and he's always out there. He's a real man of the people. He's He's a retail politician. Not like the new politicians like you see where you know, she'll tell people where the project Veritas offices. But do you think she'll show up in her district? Every now and again may be at the office, maybe one planned event. By and large the people that are there this one woman on a video. Check it out when you can. She tells the the undercover person's I can't trying to do a story on NAOC effort. You're doing lots of great things. She's doing great things and they go. Yeah. Now we've never seen her and the guys are you from the area shows you have lived here for 42 years? I've never seen her once I thought to myself. Heard the same thing you know last year and the year before. I mean, these air, the new style politicians that air just like, you know, I'll just tell everybody in social media world that I live in this place, and then I do stuff and they don't do anything and I mean, I didn't want to make this about, you see, but she's always a great topic. Is she So emblematic of what I think is wrong with politics today. But you see In the entire freshman class of New York State congressional delegation. Everybody who's in Congress from New York, at least from the Democrats side. Her and one other congressmen. Didn't get a single piece of legislation signed into law. All the rest of them did. Every other Democrat except her and one other dude. And I think to myself my goodness, the amount of influence that she's a mast. The amount of publicity that she's gotten. And she couldn't get a single bill passed. What does that tell the people? What does that tell the voters? You're great on TV that you should have a TV show or a radio show. You're you suck as a politician, I mean, because that's what it tells me. But perhaps I'm wrong. But my point is The media. The media since sent sensationalizes certain people. And they build them up and they prop him up and they tell that big lie just like I was explaining in that interview. This big lie. They tell you things like if you're a Republican year for the rich, But if you're a Democrat, you're for the poor. And I think to myself, that's bull. And the first time I heard it, I thought to myself well, I definitely want to be rich when I grow up. So if that's how I make a lot of money, I'm going with that team. And in effect, that's you know, kind of how my thinking was a little kid. But as an adult, I thought, man, I own a business. I was a barb around Barbershop. And as a barber, you work hard. You're on your feet, hours and hours and hours of every day And then you get you know employees and they start doing the same thing. Eventually gets a point where you make some money, and then it's like, Hey, why am I paying so much in taxes? The federal government's got their hands on you. You start to pay attention to politics. So when you hear politicians talking about tax cuts and others saying, pay your fare. Sure. You know, I think I paid Plenty of para Fisher. So you start the laugh of the Democrats ago, bro. No, thank you. I'd rather buy my own health care and make my own money. Keep my money, and I think that's You know the birth of a conservative if you will, At least that's how it was for me. I looked at that. And I said, You know what? I'm really not interested in what they have to offer. So going back to what you said about How do we get rid of these people in Washington? Or we should get rid of these people in Washington? I agree, 100%. We should drain the swamp. Trump did a great job. Setting the stage for that, and this second act this second term. Would be The perfect next, you know, Act two. For a trump presidency. Where he can actually drain the swamp where we can get rid of people that are career bureaucrats. The problem. I think that we see is he has really threatened so many people. That don't know how to do anything else. By eliminating So much of the corruption that he wants to eliminate Washington..

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