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Must go save up to 85% off Bob emler WTO storm team four Steve prince valley here Where are the storms now and what are their effects on our areas teeth Hi Dimitri of two areas we're watching The first is in southern Maryland severe weather there severe thunderstorm warning until 9 p.m. for northwestern saint Mary's in central Calvert county That storm we're watching near mechanicsville right along 5 over towards Huntersville and it's moving northeast whatever so slowly only about 15 miles an hour approaching the hunting town area as well as just to the south of say hidden river for instance over towards Benedict So watch out for strong winds maybe 60 miles an hour some drenching downpours as well The other area we're watching Friends is in the northern part of the listening area As you head from Clarksville up towards delicate city Kate andville as you head into the west side of Baltimore very nasty storm there that has dropped some heavy rainfall one to two inches with an additional one to two maybe three inches in isolated spots Hence we have a flash flood warning for east central Montgomery in southeastern Howard county for this area right now and I'm very concerned with it being such a slow moving storm So number of storms that we're watching right now we will continue to track it closely as we do have the threat of more flooding given we have a flood watch out tonight until 4 a.m. for just about everywhere except southern Maryland Overnight lows in the 60s and 70s that it remains mostly cloudy showers and storms and the after midnight tomorrow expect to see sunshine after some early clouds refreshing lower humidity low to mid 80s near 80 with sun and clouds on Friday couple showers and storms possible Saturday 68 with the cooling rain in Columbia 72 in purcellville Virginia Dmitri Stay with me Steve Breaking news on WTO Tornado warning just issued for eastern Howard county in central Maryland southwestern Baltimore county in Maryland until 9 tonight a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located over Colombia moving northeast to 20 miles an hour repeating tornado warning for eastern Howard county in central Maryland southwestern Baltimore county This is in effect for another 19 minutes Steve do you have that on your radar and what can you add tonight I am indeed watching that you know and we were just mentioning that storm Dimitri and how dangerous it was near the Columbia area We've seen a little bit of rotation with some of these storms and I'm watching right now Just for the intense amount of hail likely in the Columbia area as well as I'm monitoring certainly for rotation right now I'm just switching over to another mode here on the radar scope to give me an idea And yeah I mean some indications right now of some rotation I should reiterate too with that tornado warning Dimitri for east central Howard in south southwestern Baltimore county This is radar indicated Friends Again it is not saying there is a tornado on the ground It's simply saying there is indeed rotation and I have confirmed that for sure rotation in the radar velocity data that we look at in that area So if you are in.

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