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Six cases of covert nineteen this is the fourth day in a row the cases have increased in Michigan White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow believes the U. S. economy isn't in for a good third and fourth quarter he talked with fox business today he said he expects to say up to see a V. shaped recovery twelve straight continuing claims drop by yeah I like what I the U. of M. board of regents has rejected a budget proposal that would have included a one point nine percent tuition increase is the first time in several years that the U. of M. board has voted down the budget proposal from its administration the trump administration has put the DC National Guard on alert to protect monuments that might be targeted by protesters Bob Costantini says the president is vowing no more damage with several hundred National Guard forces standing by in Washington to protect federal monuments president trump is vowing to issue an executive order although we also points out there is already a law protecting monuments and statues from vandalism for Mr trump the week saw efforts to bring down Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette park by the White House and the toppling of a Confederate general statue in DC I think many of the people that are knocking down these statues don't even have any idea what the statue is what it means to and as the president speaks of maintaining our American heritage and even once a law to ban flag burning something the Supreme Court once ruled as an act of free speech Bob Costantini Washington a big change for a big Grammy Award winning female country music group chips are doing some name dropping actually they're dropping your name the trio of Natalie Maines Emily Strayer and Marty McGuire with such hits as cowboy take me away and not ready to make nice following a name change by the country group lady now the Dixie chicks are dropping six will be called simply the checks latest move to remove names that connotes a discriminatory culture the south there's a group in New Zealand that calls itself the checks the newly named checks thank the established checks for allowing them to share the chick's name general plus Angelus.

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