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I'm friend do how it works that's not how this works the kids were there legally they were there legally the kids were already there they were legal residents they were standing around they wanted to come see jesus and and and and and and and adults said get outta here you little rug ranch little piss ants you know you don't matter and jesus said whoa let them come to me they matter that's the context this pastor in dallas at a methodist church is banking on you not knowing the bible because if you don't have the context you can't defend it so there you go so that's why there's twenty nine people in robes a priestly type robes being arrested in los angeles hoping that you don't know the bible's that you go look good so i gotta be against it and that's why there are mckinney methodist pastor i'm sorry not dallas mckinney methodist pastor i gotta get the name of church because i want you to know just you know he's banking on you not knowing the actual context of the bible senior pastor thomas brunette or brummett from first united methodist in mckinney is banking on you and me not understanding the context of not actually being into the bible to to understand it now i wanna get into all this so much there's massive hypocrisies the the latino community leaders the leaders pheno community it turns out are profiting tremendously from this while they denounce it oh don't don't miss that that's next on the chris krok joan wbz the news you want to know supreme court owl's trump's travel ban protect the nation chief news matsieng because i worked for president trump stay in the news and talk of texas news talk eight twenty wbz at dot com listen up or your pants sagging and sliding down causing you to have to hack them up all day long if you're.

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