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In Arizona allegations that staffers abused migrant children will be referred to the America. America county attorney. The move follows surveillance video obtained by the Zona Republic newspaper what it shows or three alleged incidents three separate incidents have staffers dragging pushing shoving some of. These child migrants at the hacienda del sole shelter and young town. Arizona correspondent Nick Valencia reports the facility did report the incident to the mirror COPA county sheriff's office, which determined no charges would be brought, but that decision is being investigated. California's attorney general has told a federal judge it's possible the state's largest power utility Pacific Gas and electric could face charges as serious as murder if investigators find the way PG any operated caused any of the recent deadly wildfires. He's asked for an opinion on possible. California charges in the event recklessness on the company's part is found in this year's campfire which killed eighty six people. That's the deadliest fire in California history. Now correspondent Miguel Marquez says the brief is merely advisory. Any criminal charges would be filed by county district attorney's not by the state PG, and he was convicted of violating federal pipeline safety laws in two thousand ten. I'm Evan Haning. Hey guys can hear from the hip pied cast today's growth who would win a three mile bicycle race in eleven year old girl or last year's winner of the tour de France. It all depends on the bicycle it depends on their vehicle both a ten speed in the pro racers gonna win every time, but put the racer on a tricycle in the eleven year old winds every time you see it's not the driver. It's the vehicle when it comes to generating revenue. It's exactly the same. If you have a job or a small business. You are writing a traceable you can only go so fast. If you need to make up lost ground. It's not going to happen on trae cicle. No matter how fast you pedal. It's simply not going to win the race..

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