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Members of Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants a bill completed today so that senators could approve the measure on Monday the bill would then head back to the house the president's top economic advisers in the total package could actually be around two trillion dollars the White House legislative affairs director Eric you lend later clarified that estimate there is a direct appropriation which right now we're talking over a trillion dollars large but direct appropriations that in partnership with the federal reserve can bring much more significant fiscal have to bear than the facial price tag of the spending is a comes out of the the son of the coronavirus task force speaking to the media right now president trump along with others we will bring you coverage of that in a little while meanwhile back in Wisconsin the person who died in Ozaukee county due to cope at nineteen was a man in his nineties living in the memory care unit at village Pointe Commons in Grafton now three more residents in that unit and import you have also tested positive Washington Ozaukee county public health officer Dr Kiersten Johnson says they're working around the clock care givers are gonna give the you know do the best they can to stop the spread of this disease and I have faith that that's gonna happen the National Guard medical unit has now been called in to assist there are currently more than two hundred active cases in Wisconsin including one hundred nine in Milwaukee county your next haircut and manicure in Wisconsin are gonna have to wait in an update to the state's order to limit gatherings to slow the spread of the coronavirus all hair and nail salons barber shops day spas tattoo parlors intending businesses were closed Friday evening until further notice places that can remain open include laundromats banks and credit unions public transportation and locations that will host polling sites as long as they're not assisted care facilities regarding bars the order allows them to remain open as long as they follow laws and ordinances when serving people carry out of food and alcohol receive Albert WTMJ news concerns over the corona virus pandemic have the Washington County jail making changes to protect staff and detainees from getting infected we went from about a hundred and seventy a week ago two zero right now the sheriff David Beth says there's a feeling of relief at the jail knowing ice detainees from all over the country will not be housed at their facility they knew that the risk of of the people that were brought in was a very very high end and we don't have a protected because and really to take care of these people every single day as new people came in and left and came in last it was quite a burden on our facility Alyssa CarPlay WTMJ news and finally Kenny Rogers country music icon has passed away ABC's tight ends takes a look at his career the three time Grammy winner in country music hall of Famer was eighty one years old the statement from Kenny Rogers family said he died peacefully at his Georgia home Friday night of natural causes under hospice care Rogers was a crossover country pop star known for hits like lady islands in the stream and the gambler Roger stopped during twenty seventeen after career spanning six decades twenty four number one hits and a long list of awards and honors.

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