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On ESPN 1000. They had Theo Epstein on earlier today, and Theo Epstein talked about the energy. The fun that David Ross has brought. To the ball club without fans in the stands this season. Yeah, energy part would provide because that's how he was a player. You know, he was always a guy. You know the day that he played He would be bouncing off the law in the clubhouse, motivating other guys in my day to play, you know, let's bring it up, not let's go and constantly providing a spark on those days, and on the days he didn't play. You kind of ran the dugout, you know, and I was the one in reserves roll now. You know, providing all the jokes and the stick and provide the energy for the for the guys in war plans, so I knew he had provided. I think the The area that surprised me. The most is just How willing he is to lead in the difficult conversation. I think any leader in any field at the time is guilty of, um Not having this conversation, sweeping things under the rug or putting her head in the sand, hoping things get better just because the other tough issues to deal with and especially when their first major league manager, especially in the middle of a global pandemic, that could just be Every day. There's come up that you need to kind of express offers you Khun Pig in a race. I didn't expect him in the first year manager to be so willing tohave. You know every difficult conversation to confront every issue to be proactive and it's been. It's been really refreshing to see and I think it helped create. This tremendous live in chemistry that we have, because you know all these interactions are authentic and everyone's cell to a high standard, but everyone also feel supported. Because he's so engaged, connected level on leading. So that's Cubs President Theo Epstein on with Captain J. Hood. 7 a.m. Every weekday morning, right here on ESPN 1000..

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