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Business accurate. Most veterans is very well by nature. What we do. It's very differently. Don't do don't do accounting to step in as the oldest guy in the NBA almost the budget twenty seven years. It was a humbling experience, but I was shocked. Thirty gallon a good marketing operations returning myself. And during that time in the NBA program. Dos. Be UT chancer gentleman in Admiral William mcraven, as well as Major General Tony Cucolo was the vice chancellor, and we we're not pleased with the stated bashing transition. Within the mccombs school business. We did a major research project identifying the systemic challenge challenges the veterans from that business solutions and bedded was born. And of course, that it is one of the organizations that Mike is involved with Mike if you could make any recommendation to someone who's either going through the process of getting out of the military right now or may have just gotten out in his struggling with it. What advice would you give to people to help them kind of overcome those obstacles and adapt to what's in front of them and the difficulties they're facing. So I thought I'd say just remind right in what they call it. The transition mindset, it's not going to be using. It wasn't easy to become a steel mill. And it took me one year a painted work to get through an internet title. Same thing with the job in the private sector. So one get your mind, right? Default aggressive get out. They're going to say, no to you. But every no get you one step closer to a. Yes. The second thing. I would say is knows I self take. Personal inventory of who you are what your strengths are what your weaknesses are. I don't care if you're a Colonel an army or a private in the Marine Corps. You need to understand. What your strengths are played on know your weaknesses augment him play to your strengths. And then put the time in research into what you wanna do. Industries into companies prepare for that industry. When I stepped in my MBA program. I thought I wanted to go into investment banking. I was sorely wrong. And I realized that entrepreneurship was my next step. And I switched my track with an MBA program. I'm love and entrepreneurship is it a hard by..

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