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Dot com for information about their thirty minute. No needle no scalpels in office vasectomy. What do they do? Put a laser thrower. That's that's up to me, Chicago dot com. Can we get an update how you doing everything? Good. Pretty good one like minor snag that. We've run into a minus minor snake. They put to dissolve -able stitches in right on each side. Off. I don't know. It's like three weeks today. It's starting to now. It's just a nuisance to now. You're more. Thinking about calling the doctor me like what should I do have already call them? No. Should I call him? Yes. He said. Are we supposed to dissolve weeks? And so we're we're where we make the phone call. All right. Iran. Rub. Some dirt on it. We'll be half miles today. Oh, good. All right. Well, good. All right. So CBS did a list of best player to wear each number. The history of the baseball hall. I just appreciate melodies line. There Robinson dirt on your Coca Cola after I little it. Okay. Sorry. Right. There is one two three four five six six Chicago players all time at the best at their number in baseball only six Chicago players. Yeah. I guess Frank Thomas. That's not right. He did not win for thirty five that grow. Alright. Geez. Grover frank. Okay. Twenty three twenty three. Brian San Ryan Sandberg that makes sense. Earning went to Matic Maddox that makes sense. Matic's? Let's see the next one on the list is number forty eight. Forty eight would be why can't I think of the great Chicago baseball player. That was forty wasn't great. Fisker seventy-two Fisk wins for seventy two forty eight. Suitor what he was forty two. Yeah. He didn't win forty eight. Jackie robinson. Moore whom I missing that was a forty eight how can pitcher right? It was a pitcher. How could he not be great? He wasn't how did he get the forty eight hundred forty eight. That's why Don Paul forty eight who is forty eight way come back who cover cover sock. Cub. Forty eight and the cubs. Kevin happening numbers are actually underrated. But. Closer. Two hundred and fourteen career win a forty eight to we missing here, boys. Forty eight forty eight with two hundred something career wins. That was a cub. Wins above replacement is higher than Tim Raines, Manny Ramirez. John smoltz. Jim Palmer Eddie Murray. Tony Gwynn Carl Reiner. With russia. There you go. Carlton Fisk wins for seventy two one more Chicago player number. Well, hold on that makes it too easy. Although Russia was hard could call on. Rick. Russell. The elevator. Come on, man. One more hold on there. We haven't gotten to Chicago. Well, we gotta figure you can't just get the numbers give it away. This phone would give it away pitcher position -sition player. Great Chicago baseball position player Dawson. Now because number what did hawk were eight, right. What awkward eighth? He did. Not lead in cubs south south, Jamie, Moyer also won for fifty. But I didn't. Cubs gallery in pretty pitched everywhere. Headcount right, south sider. Fourteen. Nope. It would be seventy nine Jose Jose Breyer the better. Not a lot of good seventy nine. Yeah. List? Oh, oh, wait. There was one more. Sorry. Are there is? And it's a south sider, another south you see all the south siders, baby. Baby. Good baseball down there. I think good or do. They just take a lot of obscure numbers. This guy's really really good. This guy was really really good. Ratio early. Fifties. Honestly, one of my favorite Chicago players of all time, you go that guy. That's why Jimenez said he's taking seventy four is because there's no great seventy four. So he wants to be remembered as the greatest before. So far kenley Jansen Jansen. Yeah. It is. Seventy-three Ricardo cone. From money vault fame. That's right. The best seventy-five berries Zito Zito was pretty damn good for a few years. Seventy seven actually was a hall of Famer Duckie Joe Medwick, that's a tough one. You're going into the way that no one has ever worn. Number eighty no. Eighty eighty six or eighty nine or ninety two. Those are the only ones of my God who who's number ninety nine ninety nine Manny. Dodgers. Sued.

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