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One thirty eight the Oklahoma City, thunder one twenty eight okay? You ready? You're asking me. I'm asking you. Yes. I'm ready. I have two numbers for you. Tune numbers for you about this game. I know if anybody's listening to me for any period of time, you know, I'm not the biggest Russell Westbrook. They're not the biggest Russell Westbrook guy. Thunder lose in overtime today. Russell westbrook. The numbers were so sexy. But he was one short of a triple double. And this is going to ruin his night. This is going to make Russell Westbrook. Not be able to go to sleep this evening. Not only. Did they lose the game? He was one rebound short of a triple double. Have you seen how he gets his rebounds agree GIS? Everybody move out of the way. Twenty six points thirteen like, it's poisonous twenty six points, thirteen assists and nine rebounds. Forty three minutes of work. Russell westbrook. He was terrible though. At the end of the game. He was awful. Let me give you two numbers for Russell Westbrook. Okay. You ready to of eighteen on two point field goal attempts tonight. That is abysmal. Here's an even worse thing. That's his. I like his fifth lowest percentage of when it comes to two point field goals in his career to of eighteen onto point field goals. Russell Westbrook is the first player with thirty shots and fewer than thirty points in a game. Since Russell Westbrook. I'd love that December two thousand seventeen let me repeat those two things. Russell westbrook. Two of eighteen are you taking notes over the Johnson eighteen? Do the dash not the hyphen. Okay. Good. Of eight. Kind of a nerd would do the two of eighteen onto point field goals. That's Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook ready. First player with thirty shots and fewer than thirty points in a game since he himself did it back in December of two thousand seventeen. So this isn't a thirty for thirty. This is a thirty for less than thirty for thirty. Oklahoma City twenty six and eighteen now the Lakers twenty five and twenty one. All right. So the worst part about this is if you're a thunder fan. Is that obviously LeBron James wasn't play this injury that LeBron James has is reportedly worse than we've seen ever when it came to LeBron James. He's now miss twelve straight games. I believe it is twelve previously in his career the highest that he had missed a consecutively was eight. So I could we address this LeBron James for the first time in his career. Like, we always compare him. And Tom Brady, I always like to make that comparison just in terms of longevity and success getting back just simply put getting back to conference finals at a consecutive rate and health and health. Those are the two things I think about okay, LeBron James for the first time in his career is really not looking good. And so the Lakers win this game in Oklahoma City tonight by ten points, and Russell Westbrook. Look, this is what we signed up for right? If you're a thunder fan. You and your I I'm not a Russell Westbrook guy. I think he's very entertaining. I think he's exciting. And I think he's a great guy. Like like, I don't know. What personally I don't know why I'm saying this. But he seems like he's got he's got everything figured out like Oklahoma City has his home. We criticised guys like having Durant. Kawhi Leonard wants to get out of town. Jimmy Butler wants to get out of Kyrie Irving is to get out of town at I if you listen to me for any period of time, I will tell you I I enjoy mobility when it comes to the NBA, I like people being themselves that was the theme of the show yesterday with Kyrie Irving. Right. Kyrie irving. I totally fine. If you are an NBA player, and you want to be selfish, and you say to yourself, you want to be the guy if you believe you can be the die, and you can go to championships. And you think you have that kind of ability go out and do it gonna try and do it. Okay. Because you only have one life, and you can you should try and reach your maximum potential. I have no problem in guys thinking they can reach their maximum potential. So now, we have a guy in Russell Westbrook. Who is the opposite? Okay. Russell westbrook. Is say to himself Oklahoma City. I am embracing you. Okay. And you should embrace me because I signed a long term contract. Paul George signed a long term contract. I bid by the way, I been to Oklahoma City. It is honestly, and I'm not just telling you that it is one of my favorite cities that I've been to. I I had an airport. I had I haven't been to the airport. I drove when I lived in Nebraska. I drove from Nebraska to Oklahoma City. The first time that I was there. My first year. I didn't know anybody when I first moved out in Nebraska. So for New Year's the thunder were playing a wizards the wizards and drove down there like oh, December thirtieth and that building is electric for a regular season game. I couldn't believe it. Like, I'm from either the thunder. That's right. Lots of storms the storms ab- ruin there, you go so from the northeast here. I was going to wizards games growing up and fans are in their seats. Maybe in the second quarter here in Houston fans are in their seats. Maybe in the third quarter. Well, the club sections just have so much to offer here is that the reason I feel like sporting events are more about social gatherings and elitism. And I was at the rockets game more than the actual game. Know, there's no question that a rub shoulders with Tillman for Tita at least for the upper upper class at the explanation for. You see on the lower bowl. Normally it's for the economically, gifted. No hurry. No one's there. And it bothers me. Well, people are economically gifted in Oklahoma City, if you're going to a thunder game, but they're they're they're in their seats. And I understand there's not really there's not another professional team there in Oakland. There's nothing else going on in Oklahoma City when it comes to sports they love their thunder. And I love I know I was there. I was blown away by the fan. I if felt like a college game it felt to me. And again, I'm an outsider. So I just I loved good college town to Oklahoma City college. It's not a college town, but they like their sooner and their Oklahoma state again. I I just want to criticize Russell Westbrook's gain. You can't have these numbers in a game where he flew a layup with forty five seconds to go. I. There is everybody. It was like it was like one on five. It's typical Russ book west Russell, Westbrook stuff. It is one of the reasons like what we saw today at the end of the game from Westbrook is just one of the reasons why Kevin Durant wanted to leave. And again, it's tough like if you're fan of the thunder because you want to get behind this guy. Russell Westbrook is a guy you want to cheer cheer for it. Because there are guys in this league who don't give the effort every single play defense offense Westbrook gives you the effort, but this hundred and fifty mile an hour thing that he has we saw it again tonight at the end, and you can't tell me when it comes to the thunder that they don't have the guys Paul Georgia twenty seven points in forty four minutes, Stephen Adams, seventeen points, fifteen rebounds. I just I look at this team. And I think Victor Oladipo is another example of a guy. It's like, wow, we couldn't get that to work Victor Oladipo left the thunder, and he went to the Indiana Pacers. And he became the. Was it the comeback player of the year? All the depot was great. I just it's frustrating because I want to get behind Westbrook. I want to cheer for a guy who gives effort and who gives enough of a you know, what about the game of basketball, and you never see him. Like, he he is. You know people. He is he's not like this big diva. He's not get Tonio Brown. You never really have like these big time issues like with between him and teammates. I just struggle. He's like that girl in a relationship who's just like she's so beautiful that she does things that make you wanna bang your head against the wall and get yourself a concussion. You know, it's like I always talking about her. I would like to get that would like to stay in this relationship. But enough with the freaking cat. I can't stand the cat anymore. You know? That's what Russell Westbrook is. I wanna get behind you. And wrap my arms around you do think I just,.

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