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New. I'm Audie Cornish. Mary Louise Kelley in this hour, a House Democrat on the standoff later reaction from voters in Ohio about President Trump's holding out for money for a border wall. Trump trump. In California, the consequences of estate plan to use death certificates to pinpoint the prescribing doctors of opioid addicts scaring providers into not prescribing opioids, I think that is not the ethically appropriate way to go forward, and why economists are worried about the potential for another recession. Now, the news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Jeanine Herbst. President Trump says he'll give his state of the union address from a different venue after house speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear to him today. He's not welcome to give the address from the house floor while the government remains partially. Shut down. Trump speaking from the White House this afternoon called Pelosi's decision, a great blotch on the country, a horrible, Mark and a disgrace. She doesn't want the American public to hear what's going on. She's afraid of the truth, and the super left Democrats, the radical Democrats what's going on in that party is shocking. It's not clear where or when Trump will deliver his speech by law. The president may not address a joint session of congress without both chambers. Explicit permission. The constitution doesn't require that. The state of the union be delivered in the form of a speech and on Capitol Hill today furloughed federal workers staged protest inside a Senate office building demanding an end to the partial government shutdown. Patrick Madden of member station. W A M U reports. Twelve people were arrested the protest.

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