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And I remember that you had a very interesting encounter with when you were an editor of a magazine that really. I guess. I could compare in some ways to national geographic in Russia. Yes I while I was fired from my job at at the magazine. For not sending reported to to cover Putin's hang gliding with the Siberian cranes. But. That is because. You gave that in shorthand most autocrats or leaders of any kind do not hang glide with Siberian crane, so what exactly was happening there? Most autocrats like spectacle, and and that was that was a special he was, he was proving that he was not just president of the country, but also king of the jungle and so he was going to. I mean that's the thing people. There's a way to show migratory birds new migratory routes that are safer by kind of pretending to be if flock leader. So pushing actually dressed as a Siberian crane and Hang, gliders. I refuse to send somebody. That didn't go over got fired and Putin called me. And her in a car. You're at a restaurant. You're your tax. Taxi. He called me on my cell phone. And you say Hello Vladimir Vladimirovich. Well I thought I was talking to a Prankster, so I kept trying to come up with something smart to say would say to you. Well you said you know I heard you got fired I heard him unwittingly at fault. Would you like to come in and talk about it and I said Yeah I. But how do I know you are who you say you are? In, he actually started laughing. So after we hang up the deputy administration will call you. Set up an appointment show you'll know. How did the meeting go? It was ridiculous. He offered me my job back. The president of Russia offered you your editorial job back as the head of Russian National Geographic as it were. Yes, because I mean this was back in twenty twelve but by that point. person, really could not tell where he ended and everything else in Russia began. Basically, if he thought if you liked them something if you like something, he thought he owned it. And I think this this is something that is. That is important to keep in mind as we observed trump. I mean I. think that it's not dissimilar to how he conceptualizes power. Power is everything powers control over everything. Masha is this reversible in in an immediate sense. Let's let's say right now. We're looking at polls from CNN. And elsewhere that have Joe Biden. Whatever's limitations far ahead? Of Donald Trump nationally and I believe that he is the running highest in modern polls ever for somebody challenging a sitting president..

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