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Really nNcholas cage wasn't that. Bye. Bye. Famous line. Get off my plane was Gary Oldman. Did this is not good? Means we are going into a tie-breaker fun for a pilot to do that just as a prank on April Fools like on south west as the people are leaving continually say get. By the way, it is the anniversary of. Did you hear that landing onto you made this morning? It was you Ryan it was you and your trending report. Well, we're going to an audio question. Now, you know, the rules here the first a blurred out an answer to the question. The audio. You're about to hear here is the winner clarification. Your are judge can clarify something. Of course. So yesterday once someone starts yelling it out you have to allow that person to finish its until I hear the answer. That's that's how she's yesterday, for instance, donnas. Thanks. Do I have to wait for the end of that low level? I want this. This is a free for all radio. I disagree. I was clarifying with our judge. I was just getting clarification on the rules, Brian real. So we're we're allowed to just start yelling and having a respect for respectable. I think you have to wait till I finish with my answer. How long do you? Get to go home jock on air force. One was Harrison Ford. Was nicholas. Well, wow. Wow. Wow. No, that's not true. That is absolutely. Everybody on Facebook..

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