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Under amac prolonged their harley the sat will for freightliner run smart helping you run more efficiently as freightliner's number one goal uh so i just i've when when you when you add did did talk about uh you know the the bias of of tv shows and everything else that everything has an agenda it's funny because i take the other night the carol burnett fiftieth anniversary oh yeah oh on pbs mmhmm so when it comes on and i take the night put it on yesterday just to watch it well first off i know i'm getting old when i would prefer watching carol burnett over even the promos for the show what does it tnt or tbs dropped the mic nia which is like adlib lap at each other or whatever and it's just after the same with these promotional mentions are boring and stupid and i'm thinking to myself i prefer carol burnett over this i am getting old apparently uh but uh stephen colbert let it off and immediately i went at agenda and there wasn't any agenda during the whole thing but it's the fact that were so sensitive to it right thus october and i'm like oh agenda and then when she started the show you know she did it'd be even fifty years like because at the show began fifty years ago uh uh you know that she did the thing is used to do at the beginning the show were she'd ask questions from the audience right and the first person she asked a question to was tom celic and i went okay maybe not an agenda moving ahead and there was no gender during the entire show it was just the fact that that's how the mind has been trained to think because so much of what we see on tv his agenda driven greg talk radio with a polls more red eye.

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