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Officers were in shot Axa and injured We still have no statements, no message. No tweets. Nothing from Mayor Steve Adler, Gregorio CAS are. In fact, I've seen some tweets this morning from several love look prominent Austinites who say that this this was an inevitable in the light of the ongoing crime surge on a lot of people are wondering. Where's the City Council on this? Where's the D A. Where's that press conference? Where's the Hey, We're worried about the safety of our officers. Candid conversation. Nothing. Well, not that it's City Hall. The only thing we hear from him about his making the police force weaker. And then when it becomes apparent that obviously obvious that that's wrong, Then they go completely silenced in and that's what's happening right now. They're completely silenced because all of their ideas are we're seeing played out the result of those bad ideas. John isn't Leander on the tide of Don show this morning. Hey, John. Hey, guys. Good morning, sir. I just wanted to make a quick comment in regards to the law enforcement situation in Austin. I'm actually the son of a lifelong law enforcement officer, and he retired due to Just the way that law enforcement policing is going in the current Times that we're living in. And one of my co workers recently gave me an article. Talking about how, um Portland PD has had over 180. Police officers retired due to the situation. You know the riots and things that had occurred. So you know, I just feel like if we don't get a jump on Backing the blue here in Austin. We're gonna see similar situation. No doubt we're already seeing it. We've lost. Ah, approximately two dozen police officers. January, February, March, April This'll month We're on track, whether it's retirements are just outright just leaving, leaving the profession and choosing another career. John. It's already happening right here in Austin, Texas. Unfortunate it is and, yeah, it puts us in a horrible situation because before the pandemic before they started going after the police cadet academies We were already short about 200. Police officers and officers. Come and go, You know, people, retired life changes natural attrition, Life happens. And so you always have to be hiring and training to replace the ones that are leaving constantly. And we haven't done that in a while. And it's gonna be a while. We're gonna have AH, cadet class. Later this summer, but it's still gonna be a while before those officers are on the street. The name is escaping me. Who are we listening to? Yesterday who was saying no more cadet classes? No more basically no more arming police. I think that was a gentleman named David Johnson, who was somehow given a voice and and was allowed to to voice his his insanity. He is a member of the Austin Reimagine Public Safety Task Force. They're using some recommendations for changing policing. Here's David Johnson himself, Bird divest from the entire races classes model of patrol. Police stays out the entire neighborhood based policing lineup. No more cadet class phase out all use of deadly weapon. Traffic enforcement should be decoupled phase out all deadly force weapons and no, no, no, no, no traffic enforcement. Really. Yeah, please. I'd love to hear from him this morning. How you feel sitting? What happened last night to these officers? And considering what this guy is talking about in this task force is talking about strongly encourage every law abiding citizen listening right now. Get a gun. Get a gun. Chrissy is imbued a good morning. Good morning, fellas. What's going on? We love the show. Thank you. Yeah. Go national average death rate every year for stairs. We're falling down stairs 12,000 National average rate for death by rifle 400 For the love of God. Can we ban stairs were Biden's gonna die? Understand? There's stairs didn't stand together and get rid of these stairs. I am. Yeah, No kidding, man. They did attack our president. That's my shoulders. Not kidding. It is 6 50. You could jump in at 51283605 90. Toll free 8775905525 get a message here, a texture that says he didn't say no traffic enforcement but make the department separate. I'm not quite sure that's exactly what he said. Well, we'll check the big coupling. All right, Jump in here at 51283605 19 worth listening to. Yeah, it's not. It's not anymore. Talking about Listen. Ah, Florida is suing the U. S government for shutting down the cruise industry. State of Flora suing the CDC and the U. S government for shutting down the industry Governor Rhonda Santis. He says the shutdown affects tens of thousands of Floridians who depend on the viability of the cruise industry just for their livelihood Crew. What's that? I said? Yes. Okay. Cruise ships carrying more than 250. People have been banned since March of last year, costing the industry billions of dollars in revenue. The CDC is still recommending against non essential travel despite considering travel safe for fully vaccinated people. Well, that is going to be a requirement for for the you know, for the near future, and I I I don't have a problem with that. We talked about this yesterday. I don't have a problem. Individual companies requiring that a national, you know, mandate That's another thing. But Um yeah, well, the cruise industry has been affected. Yes, no doubt, Heavily heavily think about all the industries that feed into the cruise industry that have been absolutely frozen. And They have got their terrified The CDC is terrified. They her being show and some of the crew's industries. I mean, they have. They have to get this right. They have to do it right. If we have a cruise ship that goes out there with a load of folks and we have code word spread all over the ship again. I don't know, man. I don't know how they recover from that, so they got to nail it. They got the lawsuit, though. I mean, should they be suing you and me and the government so Not you and may no, no, I don't think so. No. That's what they're doing. And the state of Florida has filed this lawsuit against the U. S government and the CDC. I'm not quite sure exactly what they're looking for, but I think this could be a slippery slope could bars to the government. They were shut down restaurants shut down. I mean, there's a lot of different industries that were affected there in this pandemic. Let me be clear they want, I think. I think that the cruise industry given what was going on the spread on the ships and everything that was happening. I think they did need to shut it down. I do and it did affect a lot of company said there's no doubt about it. But they got to get going again that got to figure this out Restaurants shutting down Absolutely not. No and and listen. There's still no data that they can trace back to. Your people were getting covert going to restaurants. That's just that just wasn't happening. But the cruise industry we saw what was going on. It was it was a disaster and as massive and his unfortunate as it was in the amount of companies and industries that were affected by that. I saw why they had to shut it down. U. S based cruising has been shuttered since the pandemic began on order of the CDC. It's put thousands of Floridians out of work, not to mention so many others who work in other domestic ports. Florida is now suing the feds demanding that our cruise ships be re opened immediately. Governor Ron Descent ists. We don't believe the federal government has the right to mothball a major industry for over a year. Based on very little evidence and very little data descent, it says. If American cruising doesn't resume,.

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