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Global cut crime and race police standards at the same time what's needed now is not more stoking of fear and division we need to bring law enforcement communities closer together not to drive them apart after trump's order is aimed at encouraging best practices and tracking officers with excessive use of force complaints Democrats and other critics said the order doesn't nearly go far enough Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he won't fight a bill approved by a Senate panel last week that would require military bases that are named after Confederate army officers to be renamed within three years if **** appropriate to take another look at these names personally okay with that and I I am a descendant of a Confederate veterans myself a Senate panel voted last week to acquire bases such as Fort Bragg and Fort Hood to be renamed within three years Texas governor Greg Abbott to spikes in a daily virus numbers don't always reflect the context behind them like hundreds of cases on June tenth in counties with otherwise low numbers five hundred and twenty of those came from a batch of positive tests that have been aggregated of inmates in the test Texas prison in federal prison system that all came back at once Abbas says there are still plenty of hospital beds in the state for patients who might need them American shoppers wrapped up their spending on store purchases by a record seventeen point seven percent for maple Ave delivering it so that R..

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