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And i love thriller a murderer thriller but they're all like i'm looking for like the black live live. Constantine like i'm looking for something like that really late and find on and maybe incorporates but incorporates. Some heavier things kind of like our romance novels do. But i've not finding anything so i would love recommendations for that because obviously thrillers or my john row. But i'm having a hard time finding like light on put down abo- thrillers by black or other Especially women of color so that then. After that i read the unraveling of cassidy homes. And i pass that along to. Because i think she's going to really enjoy it so that it would describe as kind of like daisy johnson. The sex meets the comeback which blows were book club. picks of our. that's gonna be good and So basically it's it's set back and forth between like the early two thousands like think of the britney and justin era love that and Now and it's modern day and one of the members of this girl. Group has killed herself so we go back and forth to note to find out what happened. I didn't love the ending. And i felt like a lot was left unresolved but i just. It was one of those books for us like so excited to sit down and read it and that made me really happy. Lastly i just started last night a book that was recommended to me by my sister. It's a nonfiction book and joyful by ingrid patel lee and it's all about how objects and design can bring us happiness. Oh interesting. That sounds very posters alley. Yeah yeah it's one of her favourite books. She always tells me. I need to read it. And i'm like yeah. Yeah like i've had it for six months and haven't read it. We're gearing up for another fight. Because i saw. I finished kitchens of the great midwest by j ryan stahl and i loved this book so much i like really need you to read it and i already know that you're not elry this site. Maybe you're like telling me in the same way that you told your sister that you're going to rejoin fall but you're not actually planning on it. I know i'm just the thing is that i'm really focused reading diverse authors. And so any books that are written by white men or women like they have to like really grabbed me in order to resolve. It was so good. It is the book of There is a there is a main character that is woven through. But it's about a bunch of distinct stories about different people in the midwest and their relationship with food or the culinary industry and so It was so well done if you like food if you like if you like restaurants if you like i mean i'm sure i'll love this show so well done and it was shocking to me that i hadn't heard more about this. I heard about it in our facebook group. When somebody we're talking about what were the most like your favorite underappreciated bucks and thus came up and I heavily agree. It was so good into. it's a small book. It's like quick. And bring it down. And i i put it in the list. It's just if. I read eight bucks a month and i want at least half of those to be by the more diverse range of authors. That i only got four. I know but. I think that you will just knowing how much you like food. You grew up in a restaurant. I think that you will appreciate this more than the average bear. Okay so i loved that. And then i started. I'm just on a white men kick right now reading books by white men But i started anxious. People by frederick bachmann who is the author of a man called oath. I have that. And i wanna know all your thoughts will so it isn't grabbing me either. It's my pile on him. Like so i felt the same and then i happened to be on good. Reads over the weekend and the reviews. Ritter fantastic over and all the reviews. Talk about how funny it is. I'm only like fifty pages. Then so i can't really opine it's a kind of a police procedural but it's kind of like a wacky police procedural so I'm it's about a robbery in. It's basically like a robbery happens in the first couple pages. That goes wrong. Like a guy tries to rob a bank and like gets nervous and like runs into an house across the street and then like holds everyone hostage for an hour and then disappears and the police are trying to solve this crime and in so it's not like the crime happens right up front. It's not like yeah. Everyone's fine like it's not like scarier dangerous or anything so it's kind of like wacky police procedural and it is very funny so far. It's not my usual genre. But i really loved a man called open so i was like well. Let's see it's getting so many good reviews so then such good press. I just haven't. I keep looking at magna not today while i'll let you know that's week when i'm finished and in the meantime if you are looking for a buck. We announced our november book club. Pick on instrument in the facebook group. But if you haven't heard yet we are reading destination wedding by dick. Show basu and we're going to discuss the last week of the month like usual and this is a really fun one so i first of all it looks like a romance from the cover and it's not it's more like a complicated family book and so it is about a woman named tina dos. Who's in her early thirties. And she's a tv producer. And she's going to delhi india with her parents and their significant others for a wedding of her cousin. And it's a very fancy crazy over the top wedding. Yeah and she's bringing along her best friend as well and so it's about the wedding and the internet her family immediate family with her parents and then kind of like her friendship with the scale and it's it was great. I just i loved the book from cover to cover. And i also had this feeling when i was reading it that i would be best friends with the main character and wayne he a real person. Same i loved her loved her so i really excited. I think there's a ton to discuss about this book. I think it will be a really good discussion. So i hope you'll pick it up and read it along with us and in the meantime if you'd like to talk to us more about your favourite tv shows or movies or thoughts on our favorite tv shows or movies. Let's chat in the facebook group. And if you have any rom. Comrex that i haven't seen i want all of them or thrillers by divers hours yes and you can also follow us on instagram. At bat on paper podcast. I'm on instagram. At grace atwood and i blog every single day except sundays at the stripe dot com so not every single day. I'm on instagram at bam. Lazy about becca freeman. Us like really emphasized every single day every day besides sunday. Most people don't publish new content every day. No i know but you were like every single day you really except for one of them and My other podcast come pods. There are still two weeks left. I think so. If you haven't checked it out. I would love you to give it a try. It's completely different than this. It's a fiction podcast and let me think too. All right bye guys..

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