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Cetera profound toll discussions with your host start moshe casher you can't be theater or this month episode of the hound tall in theory during who will be a clinic and architecture and so help me welcome our panelists than first and foremost are expert from los angeles magazine use the writer of the column asked chris put their heads together for chris nicholl that is luke kennard and completely good the p route 3 rousing breach though we re you were in the audience britt usually our committees will stay in the green room brent was in the audience feel in you out as an obvious wouldn't think of on i was feeling good right now yet yes los angeles county crowder very classic very representing every borough of laws brooklyn you've got within slice pizza you've got through various people dishes ranger from los angeles the outgrown the hollywood what do you think will i'm proud of the city and i and i i like los angeles i'm a los angeles boy what what what what breaks dressed like a for new york the people who are listening right now brent's got like a deep the disco sure with a chest and he's where a large slice piece around we are dressed like a story running between two thousand thirty very interesting rose joke was brought to you by later later as he stole from me los angeles these love in los angeles and he stole loving the modina region of italy from me i always look.

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