Governor Cuomo, New York, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


It is fifty five degrees at three o'clock. Good morning. I'm sue Guzman. Democrats will control the house while Republicans are keeping their majority in the Senate the democratic Blue Wave swept away Republican control from key house races, California, congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi is handsy. Pelosi is celebrating the democratic return to control is about what a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hardworking Americans more women are heading to congress than ever before women are on track to exceed the previous record of one hundred seven President Trump was on the minds of American voters in exit. Polling two-thirds of Americans said the president was a factor in their vote for the US house of representatives in New York Republican Mark Molinaro was considering the governor's race to incumbent. Andrew Cuomo Dutch. County executive state on the campaign trail to the very end active on social media throughout election day, encouraging voters to head to the polls now coming up short and is upset bid verse governor Cuomo, he's eyeing unity politics today. It is our responsibility as New Yorkers to come together for the common. Good put aside differences and to focus on making our state better for the people who call it home, be thanked his family holding a sleepy toddler on his shoulder and says he listened to the people of New York about the challenges. They face calling the Empire State beautiful diverse and United James flippin for seven ten w stunning upset on Staten Island where come at Republican congressman Dan Donovan was unseated by max rose the story of this country. Has always been. Matter our differences. No matter the challenges in our.

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