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A health care crisis in your community please call help us in New York now almost says he agrees with the president when he says this is a war but we need to act more like it could all stopped fox news U. S. has over one hundred fifty thousand cases worldwide it now tops seven hundred sixty thousand and over half of the deaths are in Italy and Spain there is a hopeful sign now in Italy the percentage increase and new coronavirus cases you count which continues to give hope that the restrictive measures taken are paying off but still the total numbers since the beginning of the outbreak here has surpassed one hundred thousand it seems likely closures will remain in place past April third more than fifty doctors have died with corona virus the latest country descended relief has been Albania one of the poorest countries in Europe such as any Kellogg the Texas governor just updating an executive order that required air travelers from New Orleans to self quarantine for two weeks in Texas will now applies to people driving in Texas as well from seven cities and states including California Washington state Miami Detroit Chicago and Atlanta Erica is listening to fox news newsradio kale BJ on John Cooley this is a service of ankle total car care the Hutto city council will meet this evening to take a look at its finances after forty eight city workers were laid off last week mayor Doug Gaul has taken responsibility for that decision and councilmember Mike Snyder says gall America temp Tom Hines it should step down you can't move forward when you land off people you can't move forward when we've done the damage that we've done and I'm telling you it's not and continue to either resign or I will go out the door to door the university of Texas is resuming class today but there will be no one inside the classrooms all classes are now online and officials say other campus operations have also been changed wherever possible in a research report of a person testing positive for covert nineteen at the downtown Austin salvation army center has again stoked fears that the corona virus will easily run through the homeless population your kale BJ radar weather watch it's sixty four degrees low fifty seven get Austin news on demand at newsradio kale B. J. dot com live and local this is mark Melinda and add on newsradio Kael be J. at five one two eight three six zero five ninety call or text now mark Melinda and ed hi Melinda how you doing I'm doing well thank you hello mark hello and hello Melinda hello mark good afternoon I'm ready for a great show today well let's kick it off with the sheriff versus the preacher a sheriff in Florida has issued an arrest warrant go round them up boys bring a man in handcuffs for a pastor of a megachurch in Tampa who packed a man yesterday preaching the good news yeah I had the the church or the the police say listen we we talked to him a couple times saying this is what the order is you shouldn't hold services and the pastor said not gonna do it we're not afraid of anything here and even went as far as encouraging the congregation to make sure they shake hands with everybody say hello hugging kids yeah the crazy did they have any snakes there to their sacrifice since they can get people bitten by snakes to listen I don't want to see anybody go to jail but you got to do something to stop this this crazy preacher because he's putting his congregation in danger well the Hillsborough County sheriff there in Florida Chad con Esther says he reached out to the preacher several times try to work something out reminded them look we have an order in place no more than ten people in one gathering but Howard brown the pastor of this big big megachurch said we're moving forward we want everybody to come on down well I think he's wrong but I also think all the people that went wrong they could chose to stay at home but they chose to go and not follow orders to what would you do with this preacher ed mark I I would I would get it down the police station I would say listen Reverend don't do this again we don't want to put people in jail but if you do it again you see that cell right there down the hall that's going to be yours for the next six months that's what I would tell this preacher because he's really really not being smart and I know the people down there you want to follow your leader your religious leader I'm sure they're they're doing that thinking he's never he's never done is wrong in the past but you gotta say Reverend if you do this again jail number three down there's gonna be years for the next six months period that's what I would do well the sheriff says he talked with attorneys for the church twice trying to talk about this the pastor's stance was no we're going forward even though we had the option to live stream the service to the four thousand members wow so I guess this is going to be a case where you start to test the the rights of being able to congregate against I'm a mandate from the state saying you can't at this time it does appear to be a very high profile test of this Melinda you're right and it's it's been interesting that we've had very few of these kinds of showdowns or confrontations so far people by and large a big complying with all of these orders and regulations watching people by and large go okay for the greater good I can understand having to take these measures for right now it doesn't mean that we're doing this forever it doesn't mean they're shutting down the church and will never be able to open the doors again it just is a temporary measure to take right now Hey listen I've why watch church yesterday all on the computer while I was Makin bacon you know I watch church you can do that you can get your religious experience you can get the feeling good you can hear the scripture and hear a lesson you can do that from the comfort of your own home where you're supposed to be where you're supposed to a self distancing and not getting in large groups it can't be done reference we also have a fourteen year old Houston boy whose now in trouble with the law they say that he intentionally coughed on the produce in a grocery store in Houston did it on purpose is part of a prank and now here is county sheriff ed Gonzalez is arresting this fourteen year old boy yeah I charged him with tampering with consumer products I would throw in a fine for the parents to where the heck are you parents were you there with your child did you see this happen have you not had a conversation with your fourteen year old to say this is not funny in any any way that you don't need to do this you act right when we're in public I agree out I would I would hamper the fourteen year old but I will get mom and dad too and like the preacher C. that cell number three down there that's going to be yours for two or three days ago can't go in cell number three we got a and the judges are all saying quit bringing people and we're trying to empty what do you do an arresting all of these people man I'm turned to Sam **** all of a sudden having a the story by The Washington Post since says many parents across America are losing the battle with their teenagers to keep them at home they're supposed to be staying at home right now but the teenagers particularly senior level boys want to get out and get together with all the other guys yeah a lot of parents are losing this battle ahead mark my next door neighbors they've got three teenagers in weeks we spoke over the fence yesterday said all my gosh they're just they're stir crazy they want to get out but you gotta stop those senior boys your senior girls they cannot get in packs which they do they cannot go and congregate together and sit close to the to each other are you just can't do that and again it's going to take law enforcement I hate I don't I don't want these situations to occur but if law officers see these large congregations you gotta stop them you know what this is time to step up and be a parent there is no reason apparent should be saying it's hard to control them bull do you wait it's your job it is more important now than it probably ever has been this story is full of examples of parents saying I just can't get him to stay home he won't listen to me he won't he won't do it he's gone and I don't know where it goes until he comes home unacceptable parenting unacceptable I and I know I'm gonna be mad at me I'm not a parent I don't understand that is bull there you are the adult yeah you're right it particularly in these times you lay down the law yeah I'm in charge here's what's happening in the Wall Street journal says it's happening on the younger end as well with all the parents at home and the kids here say six to ten years old this story talks about how the parents started out last week all right here's your schedule very detailed very strict schedule for the day and in most cases it was gone by Wednesday at the latest to my little sister is one of those that made a schedule but she sticks to it she's a school teacher she knows how to stick to the schedule and it she's laid down the law and that's how it is does she have the bottom line issue at all yeah see she is not afraid to use it good it runs in the family I felt all right here the numbers five one two eight three six zero five ninety sherry dripping springs how you doing today sherry okay are you saying that I told my son if you want to go out that's great but you're not coming back so I don't understand my parents can't get the kids at home you just tell them if you go out you don't come back and share you remind me of a dad in New York sign said I'm going to spring break I'm going to south padre and he did and said his dad pictures of all the things they were doing and dad said you're not coming back home you're not welcome in the house it in when the college age son did come back he was locked out in there was a package of groceries outside I was a little bit nicer than probably what he did to giving groceries in his car and said good luck son yes yeah don't yeah but I mean you know parents who can't control their kids maybe this is a good opportunity for you to take a good hard look at yourself and start acting like parents and start playing the roles down and not being afraid of a little tough love I actually think this is a tremendous opportunity for our society how old is your six how old is your son sherry eighteen okay and you're you're cracking the whip absolutely all right good for you sure eight three six zero five ninety call or text is it's two eleven with mark Melinda and ed.

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