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The warriors hall for a quick second. Here kyle anderson on the warriors. What's your thoughts on his facilitating. His match is play with steph. Curry hopefully a healthy klay thompson draymond green and the rest for i mean. It's definitely a win now. I don't know i would have done it. I still think james book could've been a fit and golden state came off the bench and been a bucket get even as trying to withdraw them pulled us but it just tells me that the warriors are looking to win right now and they're trying to make sure that there's window that they have right now think bring home another title to tell them. Richard you take on the deal. Yeah they have probably two years left in that window agree. James book night would probably be better more of an impact than kyle anderson. But i get it. You don't even have to wait to see kyle anderson impact like you would for book night. You get another playmaker next to steph. Curry is never about memphis. You pick james night. Let's find out if the memphis grizzlies have moved up to take the guy that's been sliding in our green room and is miserable night in the camera checking in on he and his family throughout on our ultimate mock draft job cohen. Here with the lockdown. Bruce lee podcast. After a trait that sit cowley anderson and the two thousand twenty two first round. Pick from the utah jazz to the golden state warriors. Fitness grizzlies are now the clock with pink. Fourteen in the two thousand twenty one mb ultimate nba draft with that selection memphis. Grizzlies select james book night as six three shooting guard out of the university of connecticut. The page reason why the grizzlies made this food with. Which would they focus on the future. Though certainly was a very valuable member of the grizzlies steered the twenty two thousand. Twenty twenty one season with an expiring contract and the likelihood that you'll want to make four four without likely the story of what this scene the grizzlies decided to make a plate for the future in acquiring pick for teat and being able to select james whose ability as a three little score his battalion as a player it also his ability to create his own shot and create separation. He is shot. Feels many needs for the grizzlies as a long term potential partner with john ramp for the grizzlies and even better part about all this is that. What the grease pig james s. fourteen. We still have our pick at seven teen to be able to add another intriguing piece to our future court so we have a trade here in the late lottery. Memphis trades up. They get james book night. The talented scoring guard from uconn in the deal is michael. Moulder alan small. And gary payton the third also i heading to memphis the golden state warriors in more of a win. Now move they get kyle anderson who can play right away and a twenty twenty. Two first round. Pick pick originally belonged to the utah jazz. I like work tonight scoring ability. He's a talented. Score is wired to score aggressively looks to get downhill and attack the basket. He's a pretty explosive athlete. I like his breakaway speed and transition as well as as ability to finish above the rim. This is player that identity hurley and the guys at uconn through some lobster and he knows how to create points average about five and a half free throw attempts per game and made seventy percent of them also memphis gets another talented young piece as they look to build around jamaran in jaren jackson june. It's finally happened. Book night has been taken will break down that plus more as we continue the ultimate mock draft picks number fifteen sixteen and seventeen all coming up and the knicks are supposedly trying to move up on the draft and we may hear from the. Nba's most talked about team before we're done today. We continue. It's the ultimate mock draft part of odyssey of locked on podcast network mock draft here of the ultimate mock draft. Subscribe on your odyssey option. Remember on draft night watched a live. Nba draft show originating live out of dallas texas with ravi barlow chad ford and our own john krause hosting it's available in the lockdown. Mba youtube channel. Starting at seven o'clock eastern also available on roku and amazon. Fire for you. It is free. it is live. It has overlooked experts. It's the biggest production ever the lockdown podcast network. And it'll be live on. Draft note streamed live as well on your odyssey apps coming up. Pick number fifteen. See what other traits might go down. We've already had one today as we continue on the ultimate twenty twenty one ultimate. Nba mock draft. james book. night has gone. our guys can finally relax. Washington is on the board. I'm david locke thanks very much for tuning in. We're getting to the halfway point of our mock draft here with the fifteenth. Pick of the draft and book night has gone so we have to find a new story line To talk about it's finally happened. So now who are the guys. We're at the stage of the draft. Half these guys are making it and half. These guys aren't like are there. Any sure thing picks in your mind at this point richard. I don't know if there really are at this point to be quite blunt. I mean there are some guys who have some really good qualities that can make them stick. But there's no guys like moses movie for example is a guy who has said in a previous episode that he can't fail and there's none of those players available i don't think right now outpouring shingle and turkey. Eighteen years old was the best player arguably arguably the best big europe won. Mvp of the turkish league which in my opinion is the second best domestic league europe. He is a guy that i think that has a high upside and could potentially be an all-star center raviol- you know anything about that. Turkish league spending time in turkey or any other nature. Sure did i. was there. Two thousand sixteen seventeen season and greatest here in my life is the world had a chance to go to all the games fans. They're crazy. And maybe i'm a little bit biased there but i really like she grew. But you've seen that league up close and personal with all your scouting and being there for a year. What what did you learn from. What did you learn seeing that in. Why is this guy so much. Well wanna turkish. League has a lot of high level american guys that were stars in college. They pay fast with place pace. It's similar to the nba in style as far as pace minister has it's still europe so still has elements of european basketball. But i i like what would shingle there. I mean he's worked on his body had a chance to watch him a couple of years ago. He slimmed-down phenomenal low post player. If this were two thousand one instead of two thousand twenty one. He is a top five. Pick wow gang will translate if you're on the board raphael no brainer on that one or other other guys you might take now. I mean. I don't even know the direction. The wizards were going. Are they in a rebuild ball but they got bill. You got westwood. Gaffer was good our selection goal. If if i'm the wizards. I think that he would be able to get a lot of easy buckets of west dump off. So we'll see the one thing they've been consistent they're drafting. They're working on the merchandising. Because they're the number one ticket sales in japan and israel with fixing the last two years so they can become they can continue with that merchandising. If they were to follow your lead just out of interest you guys last year. we didn't. We didn't have both you on the show yet. you did. A lot of work obviously avocado. What did you think of kim coming into the draft of. What do you think of his rookie year for washington high. I had a chance to watch him play. I think that he went to the wrong team. Because i think he's more silva point four. He needs to ball in his hands. And you pill. Westbrook and billion have a lot of opportunities to play the boss oil filter. He stood in the corner a little too much. The knock on him was his shooting. And that's the role that he ended up planned for visits the shooter. So i think in a different situation he would have been able to showcase what he's strint. Yeah and i completely agree. He was put in the worst role at the highest usage. But i still think biking said washington's direction as you're so unpredictable right now that could.

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