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Borough. It's a great pleasure to have you here on the show today before we get back into talking about your work in the prisons I noticed in your bio that you were from western louisiana vernon parish to be exact Near leesville louisiana. I when i lived in houston back in the early eighties. I would take out a leave out of houston in the morning. Drive over to beaumont lake charles and once or twice i drove right up the sabine river on the louisiana side Just straight north. In going up you know in looking at the little towns in louisiana. That's a part of louisiana. You don't hear about very much far. Western a lotta pines timber operations Paper mills and things of that nature all up through there but it was an interesting little area not at all like new orleans or the cajun areas at all. It's much different right right. Defining would and that's kind of discount. A lot of folks and fanny would timber a lot of industry this country. It's a little bit like east texas. The part of east texas. That's closest to the louisiana border You got some big lakes up there. You got to lead a band. sam rayburn. That's moreover in texas toledo been splits. The line between louisiana and texas Good bass lakes You get farther north Caddo lake Well i think that that's kind of in. Both you get up toward shreveport. I always enjoyed that area. I thought it was nice. And like you saying it's really back in the country you know it. Kinda primitive land because the mississippi louisiana purchase with the land ryan by the mississippi river was estaban river was the border of taxes and so calculated river drying atlanta that with a real true land in early ages early time of our country so they would park is is boating lake charles and the portuguese there would get off the ship in the boat and so that kind of they would marry the india and so counter culture of the people little bit. It's still bit different. Also people don't realize this. There was some dutch influence in western louisiana. You have the little town of wally. I think there's one called dewitt And people don't realize that there was a dutch influence in western louisiana sharia so nature of german influence a lot of germany and thoughts to right. It's fascinating those kinds of things are so fascinating to me. So tell me you talked a little bit about Your what we've been doing in the prisons here and what you're gonna do. We're going to get back to that but if you don't mind tell us a little bit about you. How you came up how you ended up Getting to where you are today. Well my mom was take. My dad was the farmer and we had gatling open range and so we grew up. You know four and and the preemptive but she and we all go to college and so what we wanted to go or not. We had to go and cheat that. I needed to go to. Lsu associate took me now and put me out. Don't you talk out boy. it's the right after. Yes ma'am so. There was a struggle. I'm telling you. It was really hard at different worlds. But i worked at the barn and we work and got through and in anyway. Then i wound up working for the farm bureau and and wound up having my degree with education. I'm back then. Job came opening department of corrections. The run farther than i got that job. And so there that was funded by the governor edwin edwards and then the rather than job came open. I won't be a prison warden. And so i applied qualified technically. But i never worked underprivileged before and so i told her governor. Isa i give you the java camp to keep it that you won't be sorry. I can do it and so i got the message from my mom. She said when. I told her i'm going to be printed award. She said i'm gonna tell you one thing. Thank you right. You went to church every time to door to open and he did. God go Accountable at those men have a chance to know him that yeah that night. I did that for execution. I did not deal that. Say anything about it so in everything. Is mugger everything. My mother had told me came back to haunt me. That i was alive. Human on earth. And if we're not committed myself to really really do everything in my power to change the culture of the prison and change the pink and so it was from her and that was a big deal to me and my father. He had a favorite scripture number. Read it to you if you don't mind second chronicles seven fourteen. Then if my people who are called by my name with turn and change their way in pray i will turn my back toward them and heal their land. So that's kind of of candidate there but that's kind of what prison is. He heal their land because they did with the seminary now turned back to god. And that's what we really need to do in this country and we say revival coming from the president and what really do and so Further flights have changed. And we we see all the pain. It's called all the crimes they commit. And then we wanted to change. That's we see in america. They see it a great change in our president and a lot of folks moving to way we are that goal and we are bit sydney The we we know. It's painful to know this but people typically do not change unless they're confronted with with what i would call an intractable situation. something that they can't talk their way out of weasel their way out of Run their way out of that's when people finally Sit down and look in the mirror and prison is where that can happen. I i've been in a corporate investment world for forty two years and companies quite often if they're facing bankruptcy or considerable difficulty they will take Are you looking for your dream home. Well that means you're looking for your dream. Lonely you federal credit union. We make that dream a reality. Uk federal credit union as home. Loan options to fit your needs with quick prequalification. 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