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See, I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of like, I'm a boss B word. I'm a this, I'm a that no baby, but you can't cook. So I think what he's trying to say is he likes a strong woman, but he wants a woman who can also cook. Okay, well not every woman is some wonderful cook, okay? Also, going back, they be though. Listen, in my family, my mom cooks just fine, no problem. But my dad is a very talented cook and likes cooking. Right, but the grill. So not just the grill though. So men handle the grill. And then the women can handle, you know, the Julia Child stuff. No. He can do it all. I'm just saying. And he likes to do it. No, there's nothing wrong with it. I'm not just, I'm not saying there's something wrong with it. I'm just asking. Well, back in disappears ago, this isn't the first time he said something stupid like this. Literally a female reporter confronted him asked him a question, just like by the way, I used to work in sports that I did this and he laughed at her and he's like, it's funny to hear a female talk about football roots like this. It's funny. And I'm like, dude, it doesn't take women seriously. You don't think so. I think he doesn't take women seriously. You don't know when to be quiet. That's not me talking. You know it's right. This is his words, not mine. And listen, there you go, ladies. That's what he wants. And you know what? He's got a lot of money. And if you want to go for that, go for that. You do you. But no thanks. If you like to cook. If you like to cook. Pretty good gig. That's a great gig. But don't expect to give them any opinions. You don't know when to be quiet, you don't know how to allow a man to lead. This is what Cam Newton said on the podcast. I mean, there's a difference between like what he's saying, he wants somebody who's just gonna sit in the kitchen and stay quiet versus like the really obnoxious women that are like, I've seen him, okay? They wear the pants in the relationship. And it's not a pretty sight. It's not good. Cam and sister. On the show that he was not trying to beat up my queens. Yeah, okay. But he called, but he also called for men to start being men bro what does that mean though? Well, he answers that. That sucka. Okay, well you can't say that word all the way. It should not be rewarded. What does that mean? That sucka. I don't know. All right. TMZ says, as you can imagine, cam's comments did not go over well on social media. No. Many calling the word sexist and misogynistic, which words. Well, just the phrases. There's not really a specific I think he sounds like obnoxious. I don't think we're proud of men in the kitchen. As long as they're grilling, the men handle the grilling and the smoking of the meat. But what if they want to handle other things? Well, that's perfectly fine. If they want to make cakes as perfectly fine, I've got no problem with that. What if they're better at what if a particular guy is better at that than the woman in the woman's better at? I don't know. Working on the car or something. Oh yeah, he said it was funny to hear a female talk about running routes. Yeah, in football. In football. Yeah, because she asked him a question at a press conference with everybody else and he laughed at him. Oh, he lost a major sponsor. A yogurt company. Chobani? No, the other one. Is it? No, it's oik. Oh yeah, the Greek one. The Greek. Well, I think it's all Greek. Well, now there's great yogurt and regular yogurt, but that's another discussion for another. The Greeks do a better job. They just do their food's delicious. Anyways, you'll play it wasn't you apply. Is that okay, never mind. We're getting off track here. So cam apologized for no he apologized for talking smack about the female reporter. I remember that. But he has not so far apologized for his comments about women. He doesn't need to apologize. I think it's pretty obvious. Is that wrong for a guy though to want a woman who can make a sandwich? No, there's nothing wrong with that, but there is an issue with the fact that he's basically saying I want a woman to cook, shut up and not do anything else. That's what it sounds like to me. He wants a man that he wants a woman who will cater to a man's needs. But that's saying that it sounds like that's all he wants. You're framing this. I see how you're framing this. I'm not framing anything. For real. We're just having a conversation saying that no, of course, as a wife because I'm a wife. Of course I want to make my husband happy, but also. Do you make him a sandwich? I cook. Every day. I'm not judging. And I like to do it, and I'm happy to do it. And it just kind of works out that way. But there are things that he does for me too, and it sounds like mister Cam Newton's not offering much up, you know, on the table himself. There you go. I'm curious to hear from our callers on this. 8 four four 747 88 68. That's 8 four four 747 88 68. I have stepped in it today, everybody. By the way, just a reminder to all of our new listers in the heartland, give us a call if you make it on the air. You will receive a signed copy of my latest book, our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl, and that's just our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood and we are very excited to be on KQ a.m. now broadcasting in Wichita, Kansas and the phones are lighting up here. This is sort of entertaining. Coming up in just a moment though, we are going to check in with Bernie kerik, a former NYPD police commissioner. He was there on 9 11 when all of that went down a Bernie great American patriot and the guy knows law enforcement like nobody's business. We're going to be checking with checking in with Bernie. The latest information we have manhunt underway in New York City, looking for a black man, 5 foot 5, a heavy set black man, 5 foot 5, and he was wearing an MTA, which is the metro transit authority, a shirt, and he is armed. The governor of New York says that they are dealing with an active shooter situation in New York City. All right, we're taking a break here, folks. 8 four four 747 88 68. That is our telephone number. This is the Todd surge radio show. All right, so can't be a North Carolina says I am misrepresenting damn Newton. Kathy, good to have you with us, and I want you to tell me how have I misrepresented Cam Newton here. Well, I feel you went way overboard and representing him really negatively and he did say you left out part of what he said. He said the perfect woman for him. Now that means that anyone has her, she knows. She knows cam's priorities. So that's the heart. If she wants to accept that, but he did not say he expected all women. No, no, no. No. Look, absolutely. I was just curious asking grace baker, who's the resident female on the show, Kathy. How she felt about that? Yeah, yeah. And I love grace's voice. She has a wonderful voice and I'm not listening to your show a lot, but I am straight up Democrat, but I think grace has a great voice. Well, she did call him crazy. She did. I heard her Kathy. The biggest Cam Newton fan ever. I picked up on that, Kathy, I did. All I could say is Cam Newton is out on his own on this one. Well, I'm just saying, I heard what he said, and here's another thing, I think representing KM pause as they have positively is also option two because I have lots of many of his videos where he shows up to make his girls breakfast. You know, so he's a good guy. He's a good guy, and like I said, I may be close to his. That's great. All right, Kathy. But I listen to you. You're so kind and Kathy. Thank you for that, and we love we especially love when Democrats call in. So thanks for doing that Kathy. And thanks for listening to us out there in North Carolina. Okay. Thank you. All right, you're welcome, there, Kathy. She's big Cam Newton fan. All.

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