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Via email. So hit me up whenever you want as usual. We've got a ton. To talk about today, some actual football, related news the raiders are in the building. Finally, we're GonNa talk all about that before we do just got to say that we are presented by favors shot and deal dash man you gotta get a you gotta get a cheater soft. So some really not so insignificant news for the raiders this week they were able to get. Through last week and a half or so the first phase of Covid, nineteen testing all ninety of their players were tested. Ninety ish players were tested only one positive result in all of our thoughts and prayers go out to devante booker. The raiders signed him as a free agent from the Denver Broncos during the off season. He now goes into temporary cove in nineteen. Injuries on the temporary injured reserve designated for Covid nineteen players. You can do that as many times as you need during the course of the season it doesn't count against your regular. Rosser. He's now in quarantine it could be up to ten days from when he tested positive which I'm presuming was either Tuesday or Wednesday of last week ten days or so until he can. Be Ready to to come back. So again, thoughts and prayers to devante booker but other than that the raiders got through this process prote- well, and you can't take that for granted. You look at the numbers that are spiking across the United States some of the numbers in the NFL, there's some players that are dealing with covid nineteen more than others So you don't take it for granted whatsoever, and you know we're saying that from a life perspective, not just a football perspective, but from Matt Football Perspective, it's really important especially with the raiders this is really young team I talked to Jon Gruden about this during the off season. and he understood the reasons why players couldn't be in the building and our couldn't be any many camps and Ota's and all that. Obviously, we're dealing with the pandemic across the country across the world. So he understood it but from him, the.

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