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The ATP tennis rankings to number four in the world after winning his record 14 French Open on Saturday while runner up Casper Ruud moves up from 8 to 6 Meanwhile American teenager coco got who lost in the finals to number one ranked iga xiong has shot of ten places to be ranked 13th in the WTA rankings Mars and sport one in Spain report that the stalemate continues between Bayern Munich and star striker Robert Lewandowski with a 33 year old having no desire to return to the Bundesliga giant for the final year of his contract Lewandowski has made it clear he wants to move to Barcelona the source is saying a three year deal has been finalized with cam no if a transfer can be agreed to The oilers looking to stay alive down three games to none to the Colorado avalanche in the NHL's Western Conference final as Edmonton hosey abs in game four Colorado is without center nazim kadri who is out potentially the rest of the postseason with an injury suffering game three The LA rams rewarding star defensive tackle Aaron Donald with a massive pay race adding $40 million to the final three years of this contract making the 7 time first team all pro the only non quarterback savage more than $30 million per season Finally the San Francisco forty-niners excusing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the team's mandatory mini camp this week as Garoppolo rehabs from right shoulder surgery The hope is that once the 30 year old is deemed healthy a trade can occur freeing up the starting spot for second year QB Trey lands On Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op aid You're listening to Bloomberg daybreak Asia I'm Barney Quinn along with Richard salama and the crew here at Bloomberg world headquarters and in Hong Kong Let's have a quick look at markets We are looking at futures in Japan pointed higher potentially this is on the news that China might be rolling back some of its lockdowns that also the golden dragon index hit a two month high today with U.S. listed Chinese stocks surging on reports that the DD probe is ending and that potentially it may even get its main apps restored to its mobile stores as soon as this week saw Alibaba they all rallied more than 6% in today's session in the U.S. speaking of the U.S. the S and B finished the session up just fractionally the NASDAQ also up .4% of the session having been up as much as 1.9% You can blame yields because the ten year treasury yield jumped ten basis points finishing session just under 3.04% Oil as well trading below one $19 a barrel once again And that's a quick look at markets Now let's get to add Baxter for world and national news All right gladly Bonnie thank you Boris Johnson has beaten back the confidence challenge for now 211 to one 48 Johnson says the result was decisive although 40% of his MPs voted against him says he.

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