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The national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council of policies some liberal democratic candidates are pushing some familiar platform of the Communist Party USA I'm reading it right off the website we are committed to the overthrow of the presently existing oppressive Republic and all of its economic and social institutions if you listen to the rhetoric of Sanders Harris Rourke they're actually saying the same exact thing they want to overthrow the Republic they want to overthrow all the economic and social institutions that we are living with what is the Communist Party USA favor I'm reading their website the abolition of private property that's exactly what the Democrats to call the war by seizing your assets and applying your assets without your approval the cockamamie crazy plans like the green new deal that is the abolition of your private property see the USA government ownership of all industrial productive forces so they can be run for the benefit of the people rather than the capitalists think about what they're saying think along with Michael savage weekdays known to to talk radio five sixty KSFO Bolivia from Washington laid off and trying to keep our little kids from realizing that mommy and Daddy haven't eaten in awhile Roger from California I'm grateful we could afford our son surgery I'm nervous that now we can't really afford food Daniel from California choosing whether to pay the rent or pay to fix the car to get to work doesn't leave us with much at all now we can't even pay for meals Donna from the the storm just hit and we went from donating to the food bank to needing it case in South Carolina I've been skipping meals so my two kids can eight but water doesn't really work hunger is a story we can and ended at feeding America dot org brought to you by feeding America and the ad council so I'm a cat and I just moved in with this new human and she's got this little toy she's always playing with all day long tap tap tap tap blue blue she can't put it down here it is and get this she even talks to it last week she after for Chinese and guess what a girl showed up check humans have cool toys a person is.

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