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I'm here today former Lexington mayor Jim gray was also given a role in this year's administration as the transportation secretary your W. okay why weather forecast cloudy and chilly through tonight a chance for rain and even flurries with lows getting down to thirty degrees stay tuned for the coaches show I nearly Hanson dues radio eight forty WHAS and we're ready to play this year with this team from the UK's sports network health care mark talk to coach to call eight five nine two eight zero that's eight five nine two eight zero two two eight seven or state wide at one eight hundred six oh six game that's one eight hundred six oh six four two six three four tweet your question to sports network health care marks she'll be the coach hears the voice of the cat Tom lead welcome to the U. K. healthcare marks do show the Wildcats won the battle of the governor's Cup trophy at Lexington forty five thirteen over level we're gonna visit with a couple of players later on in the show Logan Stenberg and Calvin Taylor but we're gonna lead off right now with the hit man who is out of the road recruiting so we're gonna get coach stoops.

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