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Gently like a like a mother cat but hello Alex is the Katie right but you know it wasn't his fault he ran into a flurry but he's going to go to the hard hit areas and that's why he scores goals and that's why he is who he is I love the the energy that he brings in he's not going to back down from anybody McNab is six Ford to break it's five seven so if you do the math it's not even match up there but to break it's not going to back down good for him he had a couple of system in this game was plus two was well the only had one shot on goal but now he's doing a lot of little things that line is playing extremely well right now with Dylan Strome with three point yeah I want I want to touch base on that a little bit more and ask another question or two beyond that but for the here and now we're gonna take a break to have the station identified itself you're listening to Black Hawk sake the post game show on seven twenty WGN west star media group station back on the postgame show we had to hear the WGN orchestra and singers that but Kane Strom and the brink if they continue to roll along and putting these guys back together been talked about for some time and you know it I'm sure is Germany's big picture was to try and balance the offense as much as possible but the those guys who just exploded in the last three or four games yeah scrap that idea put those guys together a lot of gold you're gonna have to have some moments in your old into the eyes that are going to be a little bit interesting but when they get the park they're very dynamic and Strom seems like he's starting to find his rhythm this season at the break it is played well and does all the little things right but for Patrick Kane I mean he's the guy that stirs the drink and there's no question that he's got a seven game point streak going here fourteen points over that to sall averaging almost averaging two point two games of the good job by Patrick Kane to kind of take the bull by the horns and run with it here offense at least done an excellent job yeah and with Drake a jewel of being out with the in concussion protocol that fourth line that was put together tonight with carpenter doc in Smith you mentioned at the end of the broadcast but real impressive holding up their end of the load and play Kirby doc the patients that he showed on that goal was was something something to admire you just add that part going to stick with until the right moment with worry out of position and buried it yeah for Kirby docking mean goal and assisted in this one and that the patient city did show there he didn't panic you just kinda let the park come to all men think it'll stay kennel moves flurry was caught in a position there are a lot of times anon goal scorer will just pack at that park and put it back towards the net but he did have the patience to make a real good play there and you like to see for the fact that he had three shots on goal was plus two got banged up a little bit but didn't the back down went right back out there he's got some great hands and you know it minutes just gonna take time for an eighteen year old kid to kind of get used to playing at the NHL level in this is that this was a man's game coming in here this was not an easy game so well done for him to have one of his best games as the Blackhawks under these conditions yeah first multi point game of his career he has scored two goals in two games he's a golden knight killer Troi so the his that's as many goals in as many games as as doc as and and circling back to Smith and carpenter again to other acquisitions from the off season under the radar perhaps a little bit like Calvin behind but those guys when when they come out and and Zack is had to wait his turn to but real quality effort from those guys tonight yeah and and the one thing is it is you did your homework to figure out what kind of person what kind of player you were getting you can't find two nicer guys than than carpenter and Jack Smith but they they both know where they are as far as their role with this team and for sex met by knows very frustrating was excited to come in here and all of a sudden he becomes a healthy scratch for significant amount of time just has to bide his time there and you can't get get negative you see him he's got a great positive attitude I know that he's not happy and you shouldn't be happy the other is not planned and that was when he is the only thing you can do when you're a healthy scratch is in your mind state when I get back in I'm going to keep playing as hard as I can and force them to keep me in the line up and basically that's worse action at this rate now Jeremy talked about it with John it mean that he's just a player that right now is starting to to find that role that they thought that he would play here he wasn't probably going to be anything higher than a fourth line player maybe a third line player in certain situations that but as a veteran player he knows what to do we can win these board battles and again this was a heavy game so Sexsmith carpenter kind of built to play those styles in this came in there a big factor in this win and good for them to be a big part of it'll make them a lot happier and finally is we look ahead now another good test perhaps yeah I know I know if we're gonna split hairs between how things were in San Jose in that one trip into Nashville too but you have to feel good about themselves they have to enjoy this but you know there's always that carrot in front of you and Nashville with Pickering a talking last time about one of the easiest game easier shut out that he's ever had his career yeah really carry this into into the into the next stop on Saturday night never easy to go on a national it's a tough place to play their assault hockey team and again like Vegas they do the little things right through a very high paced a hockey team they don't sit back they've got active defense so it's going to be kind of a different challenge for the Blackhawks but a challenge that I would think now after winning this one that they'll feel better about heading into Nashville they know that they're bear so that last game three nothing there's no indication of the way that that game was played they didn't have a chance in that game robin letter was spectacular but you have to turn around after this game and have a better feeling moving forward international is no doubt about that choice thanks for all your answers one word and I don't otherwise enjoy enjoy the night there in town along with John and and and big and little see I will talk to come Saturday night from at all right Doug just bugging you Chris just kidding thank you I would I would wait it out I would have waited out the one word answer so a lot of silence here and there an extra okay bye driver you joining us here breaking it down in a great manner as always after we have a five to three women to talk about over the Vegas golden knights again let postgame reaction coming up from Sin City take it to the rest the NHL scoreboard open more from Calvin de Haan about what he and most other players at least in the Blackhawks locker room think error or pay attention to some of the advanced at cystic that we are inundated yes they some are useful but I think it's interesting exchange that the hot had with us reporters yesterday when he was asked about that coming up later in the post game shows we take it up until one o'clock we'll take our first break here when we come back we'll take the highly to this one again Blackhawks five golden knights three and seven twenty WGN log.

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