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In high school, but you're actually doing open mic and at that time you had to go to the club right to go down. Ravelo factory the comedy nights. Yup. Really? This is pre left factory even. Yeah. I yeah. And I was you know, I was just I really wanted to stand up. And I it was we got into UCLA back in the day. When you could. I mean, I did not have that you know, I just worked really hard. And I wrote something that got me into like the feeder department, and I went this is going to be great. And it just didn't have I didn't have the goods. I don't think I was I don't think the college chops just to really got. And I'm like you're coming out of like an emotional warzone where you've been drained of your essence for your entire life. You're on boats. You gotta mother who can't get out of bed. Your father's calling you at three in the morning to tell you. He just sold the house, right? And you show the college he's supposed to be able to do deal with that. Hard on yourself. I don't make excuses. But rather rather yourself? People on scooters. I I'd rather take it out of them. Without you beat the shit out of yourself. You did for years. I do still I still it's like go. It's like a phantom limb now, but I know I don't need to do it limb to you g genius grail. Right. It's like do I need to do this. Why do I stink today? Well, actually, look around. It's okay. I don't know. Is it the way to do that? And how does the girlfriend understand all that? Well, yes, she she gets, you know, it's funny. You know, when you drive somewhere that you've driven before and you just drive there. But when someone's in the car, you go where am I going?.

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