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It's absolutely ridiculous. That someone in his position who's supposed to be representing the people in the people's interest is being caught up with something so bad. So what does she believed that Burke? Should do. Now. I think it's time for change. I think it's time for him. So. Resigned. Burks challengers in their campaign workers hit the streets quickly to speak with business people and passers-by they say many were willing to give them a few moments. But they say they found few takers for window signs live from gage park. Bob Roberts, NewsRadio on what L five point nine FM. We have posted the full indictment against alderman Burke on our website WBZ, NewsRadio dot com. Jen county's new sheriff spent last night in a jail cell. And he says he plans to do that about once a month. Sheriff Ron Haines says it's jail not the Ritz Carlton, but he wants to make sure conditions are humane. So he wore what inmates where used the same kind of blanket and toiletries and ate the same food. Nielsen mingled with detainees play chess with one of the guys was reminded that up on my chest skills. 'cause he he he trusts me. One condition. Sheriff Haynes says could use changing the breakfast. He liked to see the regular choice of a baloney sandwich and juice change to the kosher offering. This is. Is something that everybody would eat hack. My son would make my fifteen year old will come in here and enjoyed his breakfast. And it was peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some core flake cereal with the Malkin and apple juice. Newsradio on one zero five point nine FM. AM news time eight.

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