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Add the kid McManus. As in Brandon McManus, as in Brandon MacManus tweeted Brandon McManus sucked today. Sucking. That's how you own it. That's how you let the world know what you think of how you played. Nobody is going to be a bigger critic of you, then yourself, especially if you give yourself a Twitter account and the license to take a run at yourself. You did suck yesterday, Brandon, but I don't need to say it because you said it yourself. That's how you get in front of something. That's how you get out in front of something and even better. Even better. My guy chased it with quote. Oh, snap. I thought that was from my burner account. And quote. Oh, yes. Well done. Be some guys get it. Some guys, don't He definitely does. Big hat tip, too at the kid. McManus. I tell you do it. All right. Other things I want to get to today. You know the bills get their own Take. You know the pills Mafia gets its own take after last night's performance. I'll ask you right now when I tweeted last night how you all live in post Mafia. How you all living. Gets out over later on. Other topics. Dan Mullen, man. Skies just acting like an absolute tool. Man, I'd like to name call, but Dude, you're a tool stopped doing it. Stop doing what you're doing, dude. Monday night Football. We got ourselves a ball game tonight. America's team going up against the Ravens. If you watch me yesterday on The NFL today. You know where I come out of the Browns and this match up, but I'll reset it for you. Me go off the board on this Monday. If I go off the board would be for this. The Hoff going metal. Yes, he did. Question is we've seen the half Go musical before. And pull it off. But the Hoff it's 68 going metal. Can he pull that off? Still ahead. Leonard Hamilton next hour Pete Thamel next hour. Antoine Bethea coming up in a moment quickly as they go to break with some reaction. Your gym. I have my calendar marked for February 8th around 11:15 a.m. central time when I afraid he cause your show to wax poetic About the back to back champs. Mike in Casey. It's kind of unusual, but two of my better friends and I gotta be honest. Like I try to separate my personal relationships from the people that I talked to From the people I talk about. And yes, even from you clones. I can't really hide. I afraid in our good friends, Kenny and I are friends. So I was going to say I've got two very good friends. Two guys, They're extremely smart. Did I respect a whole hell of a lot of that? I wouldn't expect, but they both have Kansas City ties. They don't live there, but they both Theo. I'm afraid he and and eager Shawn. What mentioned before. In fact, lately, both enormous chief fans so probably I hear from both of them on that day. Through in West L. A tweets bills. I didn't see any bills regards people with crippling debt who avoid looking at their mail. It's not who I am referring to. When I talk about the bills, Mafia drew Not not people in dead Talking about fans of the Buffalo Bills. People drowning in debt or not the Bills mafia. When we come back..

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