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Welcome back in the previous. Podcast just looked at some of the news. That's going around the various different leagues especially in your and analysts in this section. I'd like to focus on the transfer room is the going on around the world and see way you're a see who your Clo- looking to procure should the transfer window open up any points going to start with Paul Pogba. He's never far away from some sort of transfer rumor and because of his agent in Rolla. The talk is that he has begun discussions with Bennis data. Move in summer but he's also interest we are told from Real Madrid. I'm Parsons Huma. We'll put was twenty seven. He's never really settled a Manchester United. In my opinion I mean he was absolutely unbelievable player events and then did all right in the euros when fronts wanted The finals of the euro's and then it was a big play when they won the will cook to someplace. Never Really Donates AT MANCHESTER? And this is second. Go at doing so. He moved on after he wasn't a game. This relics Ferguson decided to move to events was probably better for his developments and since then is combat correct fee natural flights four months united interesting to see what he would end up. Much is nice. It also mentioned this before quite keen on Jaden Sancho Sir. It looks like buying Munich. Might be in running coins. That is a fairly. Well trump path from Borussia Dortmund to by Munich. Obviously Levin Ski. The the most notable of that just recently. So who knows about that last ALONA are in trouble? They that that might be kind of selling all sorts of plays this. Soma just to remain open as a business. They said they're open to offers on all six of that plays. Obviously messy is not one of those votes. A young young. The young kid who came from I xe last season. He's one of the ones that are untouchable as well as a statement goalkeeper from Germany. So I'll be interesting to see what people go that notable on not on that list is swear. As short be live interested. He became available. Sergio Queiroz eddings denied suggestions that he might leave Manchester City but rumors that he might fancy trick by to Argentina. He's thirty one and This situation with Guido because he is Manchester City's highest goalscorer. Maybe just in the Premier League my might be full-time Co. He's never really one of those plays anyone says he would get in my of the year he has consistently green absolutely brilliant precedes it. He's just. He's on spectacular thinking. Some ways isn't see I I don't know what is that puts people off from thinking. He's one of the greatest all time. Formula plays also when. I got here. Think maybe he didn't fencing so much he's worked with him and made him a better player and at this point maybe in his career is looking something something to do that in Manchester. The interesting to keep an eye on that. William WHO's contracts at the end of this season? He has been holding out for three year extension. Chelsea Costa has not materialized. He has said that this is become difficult for him. So hang around. I reckon the of Scenes Cohen William. He's super interested in my opinion. Skillful guest the pitch. I think he's perfect. The primarily unsurprised that said Chelsea might not once again. I keep on for a little bit longer. Maybe not the three years maybe longer than a one year extension. Say Ainsley Maitland Niles. Who is the Austin right back? Well kind of right sided play out. I don't suppose he would consider himself to be a defender currently playing that he wants to leave. Because apparently is format with a nickel. I write him. He looks like a good bills for midfielder. Winger type style I is. It is definitely a player in their critique. He's someone that's going back to. Also teams are after understanding what? His intentions are after the season. He's currently on loan. It's by Munich. His Parent Club is bacelona. But he's not getting a game there Chelsea united and Leicester how are interested. Yeah incredible by Lester. They were able to pull that off. Goodness me they're also in the ruling for Adam Lallana from little pill. He's never really stuck himself until he's thirty two years old and he was a regular in the England squad for a good long while again. I just there's nine of goals in. I think that's been his big Dan fall. There are so many glaring opportunities that he's squad and from goal that said he's not he's never really trained on to be really dependable attacking. Maybe Brennan Rudge's could get hold of him and send him into the play. The death in that people L. Clubs also interested in Him Crystal Palace efforts in West Palm on national interesting to see way ends. We've mentioned Romeo. Who plays that's you've been sissies of French midfielder again interested in him as well as Edison the moment Gwen doozy in the middle of the arsenal midfield. Who I always feel. He's always let down by the people around him may ends trying to do too much gets position because he feels he has to be the one that energy and attacking and then leave himself hoping for some of the other more defensive being today so I think maybe some more reliable next to him in central midfield and I think that he would definitely benefit from us. Those are funny. Little Story from the EMORY Chan Interview. Where he said that he would never consider a move to Manchester United because he quoted is hot would not limit an after playing for Liverpool for such a long time. So I'm sure he all the Manchester United fans were delighted to hear that the yeah. I don't think anybody brought it up. I think that might be interesting. Point of all of that none. Nobody from Manchester United said anything so anyway that iphone not quite quite easy will call it a date on the trumpster window. When combined is the final part the show on his always. We're GONNA do. I WanNa do the section of the show that I'm calling around the world in eighty soccer moments which is look at some of the significant happenings in the sport that we love you're listening to the GSM soccer podcast brought to you by the GMC. Podcast network are you looking for the.

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