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Pacific coast term i dot com call eight hundred pacific there's a soil to talk i'm mark naughty and i'm alpine ski champion jeff true so you've never actually competed in the olympic winter games right no but if they gave a metal for spirit edwina who kayla test that spirit how many events are there whether skiing skating icehockey over at the big rock they sleight on the ice curling very popular i'd say eight t there are actually fifteen disciplines in the olympic winter games didn't know that just like a lot of people don't realize that toyota has 24 models to choose from nice segue break time yucca for it hey jeff did you know the toyotas bringing the olympic winter games to southern california here and so cal so beach volleyball no toyota's during the go for gold sales event is the perfect time to buy a toyota car truck or suv so no snow no snow just go to buy a toyota dot com to get the coolest deals on a new toyota coolest deals yeah they can't take you don't you get a medal making it easy for southern california toyota dealers toyota let's go places and if system papers twentyfifth anniversary a kickoff for celebration they're gifting all this nurse with an unprecedented twentyfifth anniversary sale these are savings they've never before offered on their wide array of outdoor living products you'll find huge deals on papers synthetic turf barbecue islands fireplaces outdoor lighting water features privilege and war but you must call now eight hundred paves zero zero four plus your good credit could argue twenty five months interest free financing which maximises the incredible anniversary savings so join the party become one of system favours sixty five thousand and counting happy customers today anniversary sale is your chance.

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