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And there was like, wait a minute. So Tennessee allows the fewest fantasy points a tight ends gronkowski plays. Would you consider sitting him? It depends on who you have if gronk is really tied in a lot of people drafted gronk and they're getting by with streamers. I would probably start him over most of the streaming bunch. Yeah. But if you have OJ Howard, you're playing him have George kill your plane him. Sure. Now, I remember I said they've only faced one good tight end this year and Ted ten catches for one hundred twelve yards. All right. Mario starter sit. Mario he's in the streaming conversation. But he's not as good as Baker ally. Okay. I'm not I'm not buying in after one game against Alice. Thirty percent owned. Mario. Mario. Mario. Sit. Derrick Henry is Sumi sixty six percent only scored a rushing touchdown in. I think two straight games. He has who cares. Okay. He just he the number one thing that we saw from the titans coming out of there, by was dedication Dion Lewis and the offense. Derrick Henry barely played. Yes. Dan Lewis is going to be a popular player Dion Lewis or Marlin MAC. I have one spot are I like those. Dion Lewis or Leonard fournette Lewis, David Johnson or Louis Louis Johnson higher than Louis one spot. Dion Lewis or Tyler patriots have been awful pass catching running. That's true Tyler Boyd or Dan Lewis. Louis. I'll take Lewis. I think I'd take Boyd and p p or Kenny golladay or the Louis Louis Louis. All right. I think we are done with our Dion Lewis segment. Healthy must start Corey Davis. Or Ben Watson. Just just kidding. I was close trolling heath is a close because I mean, you know, Davis had a good game last week should touchdown. He's guy ten targets last week. The I would take Davis over Watson. I forget what's around. Just just trolling me Davis or Christian Kirk take. I will take Davis, but they are right in the same conversation threes. All right. Patriots the eighth for Jamie v for Dave twentieth for heath. The patriots not feeling it. I'm not particularly excited about them. I may be a little bit too. Low titans of third most fantasy points to the. I just wondered is different titans. Offense coming out of the by there's going to be better. Now, kind of what we were hoping for. Well, I think they're definitely somewhat different. I don't the question the answer this week as different as they look last week. But Marcus mariota canal feel all of his fingers that like when your quarterback can feel your fingers versus when he cannot feel fingers by definition makes you a different and they're using the on Lewis as a feature back as opposed to plotting with Derrick Henry colts are. Smash the Jaguars. They're going to win by double digits. A really stupid prediction. They're just not that good. I probably shouldn't say that out loud into a microphone, but I'm gonna do it. I'm going to do to make that call. Jesse was. Yes, good completely an entire. There are two teams this week that are favored that I think should not be favored their favored by three points. And I think both of them are going to lose in the culture one of them. And the other is the forty Niners. Yeah. All right..

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