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Bank. Oh do do do any stepping up to look at. This look is working with the confidence. He's lacing them up. He's gotta cut man in the corner somewhere. He's lacing them up people here. We go live audio Thurman with the gloves on. He's gotta stay. Oh He's got part. Did you hear on US girls people? I hope I'm not too loud in the Mike. I'm just excited. You see on the Glove Odell with the right in the left he airy combo and the chicken noodle soup three piece Wendy. Four piece. Chicken Nuggets straight-set a waffle fries and everything on the side. And that's how much I hate the steelers. Let's get it if you're listening to the BAGSTER MOVING. This has been the orange. Is the new black podcast. We will be coming to you guys Monday. Hopefully with the Super Show. We're going to have some guests on yes. I had to hit them with Tyson. We'll be having some super guests on so we're still lacking and who's going to be on but look forward to hearing from us on Monday and then if your father has definitely be sure to follow him during I'm sorry. Meta breath now was be sure to follow him on Instagram as underscore who he's GonNa be doing a live draft party if there be there he's going to be reacting to every single one. I'm probably going to do sound for my channel as well and I'm definitely going to have to come onto sims. Live if he will have me. I'm pretty sure we'll probably connecting so and we're going to go all night on Thursday. We're going to do a little pre stuff. We're going to give ready. I'M A rap. I'm a breakout the borough jerseys for the first time I might have changed into alternate home away. Joe Bro is going to be a Joe Borough Frenzy. We're GONNA go through picks we're GONNA laugh at everybody making stupid picks and we're GONNA talk about thirty three. Kinda my live instagram. Those are some of my best shows. I think ever if you ever see me on instagram. It's the live Draft shows if you come watch that out live of course stream. Espn if they get tired if they are nurse we'll go to another channel or something like that to get some other analysts. I don't know what we'll do but we'll we'll have fun. How about that? It looks like Corey. Turner is. He left his in the comment. So yeah definitely be sure to check him out. Go live with me on a grandson. I could just Unilever guy show your face. I just WanNa tell you how silly you sound talk about getting to right now at the greatest time of our lives. This is gross. He's I'm a brown gravy. Don't you ever got you guys? Take it easy hooted..

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