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Be extended again. Only at diamonds direct details and more at diamonds direct dot com on approved credit. This is WTO P news and 6 53 now a man is under arrest and charged in the beating of a homeless woman who later died. Michelle Huntley was found badly beaten at a bus stop on Richmond highway in high blood valley nearly two weeks ago. The 63 roll died from her injuries on Saturday, now fairfax county police say 32 year old chante Jones charged with aggravated malicious wounding after being arrested Monday. Police say he was spotted wearing clothes similar to the ones worn in surveillance footage the night of the attack, a block away from where it happened, Jones is being held without bond as police tried to determine the relationship of any between him and Huntley and what led to the attack. Matt's small WTO news. Fort Washington police are investigating a shooting that occurred on Monday night at a home. Two people were shot, including a 6 year old girl, and an adult male they were driven to a hospital in a private car. They're both in critical condition today. Police say it was not a random shooting, but that the young girl was not the intended target. For Washington police are asking anyone with information about the suspect to contact them. The Defense Department and the air force are teaming up with historically black colleges and universities to create a new research center. Federal news networks Scott marciani reports. The military's 15th academic research center will focus on tactical autonomy helping the Defense Department develop technologies that include independent computer systems. The air force is committing $12 million a year for 5 years to the center, DoD will add another $2 million for those 5 years. The organization will be a consortium of historically black colleges and universities furthering DoD's push for diversity and inclusion. The Pentagon hopes to use the center to help schools build out their research capabilities and recruit a more diverse workforce. Scott marioni, federal news network. Well, it's nearly July, but in Virginia, the thinking about snow. Snow removal, that is, the office of inspector general reports V dot is having trouble hiring enough contractors to remove snow from state roads and interstate highways this winter. The audit found that contractors don't like a requirement that they have to carry workers compensation insurance for their employees. And they also object to a requirement that contractors equip their snow plows with technology that allows vdap to track them. The IG report says there aren't enough contractors at 5 of the 6 V dot area headquarters reviewed in that audit. Money news at 25 and 55, the Federal Trade Commission is suing Walmart claiming the company had allowed scam artists to use its money transfer

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