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Was quickly arrested and brought to trial for Torino's murder. The sentence was deaf yet. Even the specter of the electric chair couldn't tame him in prison. He displayed his usual temper and frequently got into brawls, but for once and a stages viciousness would work in his favor. Bernie Wayland explains. He's a young guy on death row, it sinks that doesn't tampering at all. Most guys through that trying to make amends. I don't give the guards a hard time fell inmates a hard time. They almost a lot of repenting and said, I wish I wasn't here. He'd takes an opposite approach. He's still beating up people and their fellow inmates. And he comes to the attention of the Barbara in the prison. Guy would nickname Schiff, but that he was doing there is pretty certain from his nickname and how he became a Barbara who the heck knows. But the shift wasn't just a barber. He was also a scout for criminal gangs outside of the prison, and he thought an stages skillset would be ideal for a particular client. A rising Lieutenant in one of New York's most powerful, Italian, gangs, Charles lucky Luchino. Lucky Luciano was the ultimate mob boss. He was ruthless. He knew what he wanted. He wasn't afraid to go after it blows is a New York-based journalist who's written about the history of the mafia. Lucky Luchino was powerful. Nobody messed with him because if you did end up dead in nineteen twenties, New York Luchino gang was engaged in a violent war for control over the lucrative illegal alcohol market. Ernest Volkmann. The vol stock act also known as prohibition into effect in nineteen twenty. It barred, the production. Distribution and sale of alcohol. It had a youth loophole. Our at loophole was it didn't ban possession which meant people. If you get the hands on it, they would do to drink. This was the the great bonanza for all kinds of organized crime in order to keep up with demand, you needed a steady supply. So Lucina wanted to control the source where illegal alcohol flowed into the city, the Brooklyn docks. The shift believed anesthesia's violent reputation, and intimate knowledge of the dogs could be valuable for Luchino e conscious, hang. This guy's got some potential, and he gets the word back to Luciano says, got a guy in here. The you could really use like a baseball scout says, hey, I got Mickey Mantle here, but there's a problem he's facing that he's an facing the electric chair, Luciano connections, get the conviction thrown out, technicality, his lawyers, Luciano lawyers, and they spring and stager. And now in a stager owes Luciano big. Time he entered prison as a violent kid, but in nineteen twenty two with Luchino pulling the strings, transformed Albert and stages stepped off death row out of prison and into a new life. Here's Ernest Volkmann, which legend was born to the fury of alise. Albert outta be like all the case. Absolutely collapsed that instantly however, made out with a celebrity and the New York underworld. Everybody talked about Albert at his stats yet the guy who beat the electric, Jere, wow. Impossible yet he had done it owing his life to Luchino. It was time for anesthesia to repay the debt fresh out of sing-sing. He was sent to the front line in the Italian and Irish, booze wore the Brooklyn docks, and in no time at all, Anastasia was proving his worth for the Italians names, very valuable soldier. And as everybody discover very quickly, he's a psychopath it kill you at the drop of a hat. And somebody said to him, go kill this guy. He's okay. And he would go without any remorse whatsoever. Soon. The Italians were securing control of the waterfront and with it, the illegal, booze trade in New York, all with the help of Albert anesthesia with prohibition in full swing. Criminal gangs were making millions, but Luchino saw a problem. The racket of bootlegging was based on ethnic divisions. With each group in a violent struggle to maintain its share of the business author of American gangsters Nate Henley. So you've got this almost military like conflict, which is just unprecedented and completely sort of, you know, freaking people out with bodies littering, the streets. The gang wars were becoming a scandal, drawing attention from the police and hitting prophets in the end. It was bad for business Luchino envisioned a better way. We're gonna cooperate. I don't care these Jewish. He doesn't go from a diet. Guess what? Sita's dollar Bill here. Okay. Zelic Josiah talion to you. We sit down..

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